Space Frame, walkable roofs, penny for your thoughts


I am working on a studio project where we are challenged to design a Natotarium (long span structure for pool) . I have attached 3 very early sketchup shots of the roof massing for reference. The idea here is that roof can be accessible with possible program on it. So far I have looked into Spaceframe as structural system but I am not sure if that is actually habitable. Can you walk on the roof if the structure is spaceframe? This is a fast paced studio and the structure has to be incorporated starting early stages. I highly appreciate your help. 

I looked at many design/buildings but they are mainly unbuilt ideas. The one i found most useful is : Heydar Aliyev cultural center by Zaha Hadid. I am not sure if the roof is accessible. 

Mar 25, 13 9:06 pm

I think a occupiable space frame roof structure would be perfectly feasible, just understand the more stuff on your roof the deeper the frame will become and the columns and/or parti walls will have to get beefier.  For bonus points you could also deepen it at points of maximum moment but you'd blow peoples minds with your engineering skills.  

Most engineering problems can always be solved, it is really just a question of $$$.  The reason you don't see space frames used that much anymore is they usually cost $$$, and steel ain't cheap these days.

Mar 25, 13 10:00 pm

thanks a lot,  i really appreciate your response. Do you by chance know any project that deals with such occupiable roof? 

Mar 25, 13 10:13 pm

You can be IN that roof frame too, huh?

Mar 25, 13 10:53 pm

yes, if you are going down from the roof level to the ground level. You can be ON the frame, not IN it. haha 

Mar 25, 13 11:00 pm

its studio so don't worry too much about costs unless you want to end up with an industrial/warehouse looking building :)  If you don't experiment during school, you sure as hell won't be doing that in the real workplace xD

Mar 25, 13 11:58 pm

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