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Applied to CCA, U Berkeley, and Sci-Arc. 


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Waiting for SCI-ARC reply.

Now that the whole application process is over I am super overwhelmed at the costs for everything- wanted to ask the international students how they are planning to fund about 100-150k worth of MArch studies. I'm from New Zealand and the opportunities to study in the US frankly don't ....exist. 

Can I get a US based loan without a co-signer? What are my other options? Apart from totally declining all 3.


Mar 25, 13 6:11 pm

This is a real big white gorilla in the room for most international students. 100k in soon to be student debt is no joke.

I would look to the three universities to see if there are any university based scholarships, grants, cultural service awards available. The first two tend to be limited but they are still there. The last one might be something set up by the University's Office of International Student Affairs. If it exists, students in the program get to present their country to the surrounding community and receive partial to substantial tuition waivers. That is if it exists.

The next thing is grants or student loans through the university. This is where we get into the mucky stuff. If all international students paid their debt, I think there would be funding readily available to incoming students. The same thing goes for co-signing. The person co-signing assumes the liability of that debt, if the student should leave the country and essentially go of the radar. So ppl tend to get nervous at the mention of co-signing and that goes for all students, not just internationals.

Some international students go to the US with funding secured at home. Are there government grants you can apply for? Any funding at all?

The last piece of the puzzle would be applying for Graduate Assistant, research assistant....positions through the architecture department. This however will not cover the bulk of the tuition. Depends on the school but I have yet to see a school that will waive tuition for a position like this.

Worst case scenario, you could look into deferring for a year so that you can figure out a game plan. That's my honest $0.02. I hope it helps.

Mar 25, 13 6:50 pm

Can I have some updates on your decision.

I had to drop offers from Columbia, Michigan and Washington St.Louis just because I couldn't afford like 100-150 K. And I'm still figuring out my next move without any luck.


Jul 15, 13 5:01 am

hey sagarchitrakar are u applying for 3 yrs prof degree or for 2 years .what is your undergrad degree??

Jul 16, 13 12:25 pm

I did my Bachelor's in Architecture and I did got into 3 universities. Columbia,Michigan and Washtington, St.louis, but I had to drop it due to lack of funding.
Here's my Work 

Jul 16, 13 10:50 pm

hey sagar nice portfolio !!!!!!!!best of luck

Jul 16, 13 11:31 pm

Thanx Buddy
But I'm in a dead end zone right now :P

Jul 16, 13 11:53 pm

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