UC Berkeley or SCI-Arc?


I have to choose between these two schools for a 3yr MArch 1. Im completely conflicted. I've never been to either school or either city as I am living internationally. I have a liberal arts background in Urban Planning and wanted to really concentrate on practicing architecture and not so much the academic side of it. I want to practice and not go into academia or other fields. 

Fortunately, I have full tuition for both schools for the first year.

Please help. Which do you think I should choose?

Mar 25, 13 4:20 am
Care to share your portfolio?
Mar 29, 13 1:33 am

SCI-Arc: independent school of architecture in a metropolis. 

CAL: department of architecture embedded in a large and diverse university. 

Lets say I spent a long time in both schools. What would you like to know? I should add that you should not let where you want to practice impact your choice. I think the criterion of practice and not academia is insufficient to guide your choice. You may have to think about where you prefer to spend your next 3 years, or what may be the marginal costs of studying and living after year 1. Overall, the Bay area is more expensive than LA in every way, even though the gentrified neighborhood that SCI-Arc finds itself in now is not much cheaper. If you had experienced a large university, I would try SCI-Arc. But be prepared to be frustrated, but I think you will learn much, if you also participate in all the different activities at USC, UCLA, Woodbury, and Pomona. *You don't have to buy a car at CAL. But at SCI-Arc, you are likely to need a car!

Mar 29, 13 11:53 am

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