march1:Columbia 3years/Upenn 3years (5k)/WUSTL 3.5 years(33k)/USC2years(18k)/Cornell waitlist


Dear all,

I am accepted into 
Columbia 3years/Upenn 3years (5k)/WUSTL 3.5 years(33k,continuously)/USC2years(18k)/Cornell 3.5Years waitlist

Even though I am quite sad about losing gsd, I still have to make choices between schools above.

I am heavily considerting the costs. After reducing the scholarship,

the cose will be 
Columbia(198000 dollars)     Upenn (150000 dollars)  WUSTL (87300 dollars) USC (87300 dollars) Cornell (218000 dollars) 

Now I have a mortage of parents' house for about  (79000 dollars) but I have to pay it back.

I think WUSTL will be a good choice but as you know people will always go for an ivy later even graduated from WUSTL and I think my coutry will think the school brand a lot.

Definitely I wish to go Columbia but I found it hard to find a way to figure it out.
Even I took a lot of assisstants work, which only covers living expenses. But it is hard to say that the school brand will be worthwhile.

After graduation, I would like to firstly go for PHD(if possible) or stay in USA or HK to work  or second choice if I met with suitable partner I would like to open a studio in China.
I think the chances are quite precious and the time for me to lapse is not that much.
Sincerely wish to know others' advice. or How can I found someways to earn money in Columbia University?


Mar 25, 13 10:06 am

I am in a similar situation deciding between the following:

-Cornell (12K)

-UPenn (5K)

-Wustl( no financial news yet?)

-UBC (no funding but as a canadian its only 5K a year in tuition)

@katherine_march: when did WUSTL tell you about financial aid I am eager to find out. ??

Right now I am really interested in Cornell If i were to pay for an American education.  WUSTL is a close second depending on the Money offered but not sure I can really afford either.  Going to go to the Cornell open house and see what i think.  I have to decided between a Canadian and American education.  Since I want to work in the US after graduation i really think it would be beneficial but seeing as Cornell will cost 202K for the entire time there I am not sure its worth the debt.

Mar 25, 13 11:25 am

Pick GSAPP or Penn.
Depend on your interest in direction.
You won't get money back in a short time. But the fame and connection of IVY will help you a lot! Philly and NYC are very close, 1 hour ride. But living expense in Philly will much cheaper.
I will recommend you choose Penn if you don't have that much debt.

Mar 25, 13 12:30 pm

@jocobcohen,```do u have a facebook? I was notified by wustl on 1st,march. so which country you are from? I guess they wil treat people by geography location.  i think cornell is too expensive they asked for 240k for finance proof. 

Mar 25, 13 2:53 pm

@tinson pilly is really not safe and I cannot find some parttime work in Philly so I am thinking GSAPP and WUSTL For their solid strong education and money. Have you heard of refusing GSAPP Then it might be quite hard to get in second time?

Mar 25, 13 3:01 pm


weird I called them and they said we would find out at the end of last week or beginning of the next.  I am coming from Montreal, Canada.  I do have Facebook you can find me with this username: jacobcohen88.

Mar 25, 13 3:08 pm

also the proof for Cornell is crazy but I know every school will ask for some form of proof simply for the F1 visa.  How much does Columbia ask you too prove. WUSTL still has not sent me info regarding the visa.

Mar 25, 13 3:09 pm


I don't think Philly is that bad. NYC is not safe as well. If you want to find a job,or intern, GSAPP is better, but not that much difference. Only if you want be a part-time servant in Chinese restraunt or delivery (but under the risk of getting rejected b/c of your F1 Visa) and earn money.

The quality of these schools are close. Only depend on whether you can afford the high tuition and cost expense.

Mar 25, 13 4:54 pm

I have to pick between GSAPP and USC too...

but i talked to one person who just graduated and she said the program sucked (USC)

but it's good if you wanna work in a corporate firm, wanna stay in LA, and just want to get that degree done

Mar 25, 13 5:10 pm

and I got the same amount of scholarship from USC too (18K)...

Mar 25, 13 5:35 pm


You going to GSAPP?

Mar 25, 13 9:44 pm

hard call still, but most likely.

just lining up my living expenses right now - trying to find cheap living, etc. etc.

Mar 26, 13 1:26 am

The place where penn is located is called university city... where living expenses pretty much match exactly to GSAPP since PENN is ivy just like GSAPP.... so technically you end up paying the same for living expenses regardless if you take penn or gsapp.


I don't know if people realize that just cause its Philadelphia, doesn't make it any cheaper. The school is located in a really nice place in the city and the school tries to maintain that neighborhood in that manner hence the prices around that neighborhood matches up to Manhattan 

Mar 26, 13 1:45 am

i might go to wustl and see other chances later to study in gsd```` u are also international student?

Mar 26, 13 12:00 pm

I found you but unable to add you`` my name is xingyun peng``` youcan find me. how do u think the chance to earn some work in new york?

Mar 26, 13 12:02 pm


I've been told that Cornell is a great choice if you're interested in being in New York and getting to know architects/community there. 

Mar 26, 13 12:11 pm

no im not international.

Mar 26, 13 7:15 pm
New ARch


I got scholarship from WUSTL(about half of the tuition).

 Really like the school, and students works, and I think they really deserve their place in DI ranking.

My only concern is St. Louis!

Is it a safe place? Maybe it is for American people, but what about international students?

when I search about the city the only thing I see is that everyone has concerns about its safety....please give me an insight into the city... Thank you

Mar 29, 13 11:17 am

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