Bachelor of Architecture: USC vs Syracuse


I have recently been accepted to both programs and toured both schools. Both programs seems to be very good and have produced some exceptional work. I am just curious if anyone had any input on which program they thought to be better. I know that Syracuse is weighted higher than USC for rankings however, I am interested in more than just rankings. Overall as a school I am more attracted to USC, but I have also received scholarships to Syracuse. Looking for some facts and reasons for me to attend either school. Please let me know your opinion. 

Mar 24, 13 11:57 pm

I was exactly in the same situation as you are now two weeks ago, hardly considering these two schools. The only difference is that I will be a graduate student.

All I can suggest is that you should look further into the location of the schools. Los Angeles is surely a much more vibrant case study city for your future projects than Syracuse. As an architectural student, you will learn not only in studios but also through your visits to buildings and your observation of urban contexts. How you see buildings will gradually evolve with your new-learned architectural perception and conception and does help you a lot when making your own designs, so I think it's best to live where you can "see" good buildings everyday.

Mar 25, 13 5:54 am

Ya definitely an important thing to consider. But I don't know how much to take that into account.

Mar 26, 13 4:17 pm
I went to USC for graduate school. Both are good schools but I also would greatly consider location. Most of my friends who graduated in other cities are still looking for jobs (it's been almost 3 years). My friend and myself also struggled but a found a job within a year of graduation. There are more opportunities in Los Angeles
Mar 27, 13 1:24 pm

How about Pratt for undergraduate studies?I am a prospective undergrad international student with acceptance from Pratt,Syracuse and USC

Apr 1, 14 2:56 am

Hey, I dont know much about Syracuse, but I am currently studying arch at USC. I am sure you will receive great education in both schools. Since they are both great, I would make my decision base on

1. financial aid and scholarship from the school.

2. location and weather. 

So, if 1 out of the question then I would definitely pick USC. LA's weather is good year round versus Syracuse which is very cold in the winter. If you want great foods, then LA is the place. There are so many restaurants that are not far from USC. Korean Town is like 10 mins away, The beach is like 20 mins, downtown is 10 mins, there are so many places to go (if you have any free time at all). But I have to say, one of the most amazing thing about LA is that there are exhibitions that happen all the time, which can really benefit your architectural study. I hope you pick USC because i think anyone would be happier in a warmer place year round and a city like LA and you'll meet really awesome people. Good luck picking. 

you can ask me if you have any more specific questions. 

Apr 1, 14 3:52 am

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