getting lost/distracted by 3D stuff?


I am sure a lot of people here love all this 3D stuff and renderings. So the question is do you ever get lost into it? I am no genius when it comes to 3D modelling, I know basic rhino/vasari/revit/3dsmax etc. basics. I use sketchup a lot because i only use 3d models for renderings and its very fast and gets job done , at least for school. I was looking at some 3d stuff online and one things leads to another and i am on tmz and yahoo and youtube and oh wait Autodesk Softimage, and Realflow. Why don't we see such awesome programs used for architectural presentations?

I think the question is, as architects we are so inspired by such things. And I think often distracted, I suddenly feel the need of learning all these programs and using it in presentations. Then again do we even get time to do these things? i mean you would either be designing/working on CDs etc OR rendering. giving it out to a 3rd party to render.

I am not sure if I am making sense because my mind is racing right now, a lot of thoughts.

Any input/inspirations is appreciated. Would love a great discussion on this topic.  

Mar 22, 13 8:20 pm

Sketchup is only useful as a representational tool...i can't see it used in the design process.  rhino/maya/and other software is usually integrated in the design process-meaning you actually use it to design...and then CDs come after in order to figure out how to convey the design to builders/contractors.  most firms engaging in digital arch do use these programs.  and not just for pretty renderings.

Mar 22, 13 8:39 pm

Do you think that it is very useful to know a good 3D production combos? for example. 3dsmax revit aftereffects combo?  design/rendering and presentation

Mar 22, 13 8:47 pm

if you want to survive in the current generation of architecture, yes its best to know variety of program since you want to be able to adapt to the ever changing technology. 

Mar 22, 13 9:19 pm

depends...i think a lot of people tend to spread themselves too thin - meaning they know a little of this a little of that.  while it's good to be flexible, i've always preferred being extremely good at a couple programs and a working knowledge of the others. for example, rhino is super easy to pick up.  pair that with either max or nurbs.  and then go for vray (it seems to be the most common).  revit is more for production...

Mar 22, 13 10:37 pm

don't ever forget your priorities - To build a real building.   not some fancy 3D graphic stuff that will never be built or one that'd require you to be Zaha and make a city go bankrupt to have it built.  These days I push aside every fancy rendering I come across.. If it ain't build, if it ain't got good plans, sections, details, physical models, strong concept in text, I don't even want to waste my time. 

Mar 22, 13 11:07 pm

Agreed with accesskb but then again, aren't renderings just another form of visualizing your ideas, we did watercolors, now its i think a bit easier for people who are not good at watercolors  they can just use computer!

Mar 23, 13 12:04 am

I have been thinking about this idea of starting a rendering/viz firm after i am done with my undergrad. i will be in 5th year B.arch starting sept. I work at a corporate construction firm and they shed 40 -50k easily for proposal construction animations. I talked to my boss and there is a chance of me getting contacts/hookups. Now this is all an idea but still I am always looking at whats new and exciting in terms of programs. so far its revit 3dsmax rhino aftereffects navisworks. They seem crucial and sketchup is always there as a should to cry on if anything haha... I have cinema4D trial aswell, but it seems to me that 3dsmax or cinema4D it won't matter much. btw have you guys looked at Autodesk 123DCatch? its free and fun. 

Mar 23, 13 12:10 am

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