Why Princeton SOA ranking is so low?




Searching architecture school I found most of the graduate schools within top ten are IVY schools.

However  only the ranking of Princeton SOA is always out of TOP 10 list.......(2013, 2012, 2011 ranking...for examples..)

Why is the ranking so low? there a special reason?

Because when I read the result threads, I found lots of people consider HARVARD GSD and Princeton SOA as same level.....I am just curious about this....

Mar 22, 13 1:06 pm

You must understand how the Annual Design Review of Architecture Schools ranking are done. Having had a professor on the ranking committee, neil frankel, I've come to understand that these rankings are done on a flawed system and they are in the process of chaninging the system of ranking. Currently the rankings are tallied from students who respond to the survey from each school. Many of the top schools agressively pursue their students to fill out the survey. Princeton is one of the top school in the country for Architecture, however they just don't have the number of students who respond to the Annual Design Review Ranking.

Mar 22, 13 1:24 pm

That's right.  Never forget: The Ivies Are Gods, and not to be questioned.  Ever.

Mar 22, 13 2:15 pm

Rankings in DI generally give leeway to the larger programs, you have small programs like Princeton and Cooper Union ranking low because they have a small number of students. Then massive programs, with over 1,000 students ranking high when they are never a part of any discussion regarding a school one should attend.

Mar 22, 13 2:36 pm

So could anyone list some top valued graduate architecture schools? In my perspectives, I think Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, UCLA, USC, Michigan Ann Arbor, Wash U St. Louis, U Penn are all great schools. Does any of those school stand out for its excellence? Is there any school left out from the list? Which school is most valued by firms and by the public? I'd like to hear all your opinions!

Mar 22, 13 11:12 pm

Yes schools ranking depend on the students hard work and performance so that,s why the  ranking of Princeton SOA is not improving.

Mar 23, 13 5:08 am

Take rankings with a grain of salt. 

Be like Ando, who is self-educated.

Did you all know that Peter Zumthor used to teach at Sci-Arc?  His architecture is miles apart from what they do there.

Mar 23, 13 5:33 am

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