Rebar and Complex Curvature

looking for a good resource ( book ? website ? forum ? vid ? )  which covers structural techniques for concrete buildings with irregular geometries /complex curvature

any recommendations ? !!

Mar 22, 13 12:29 pm

Often times, its not as simple as rebar techniques.. Complex forms require complex reinforcements when trying to balance forces being produced. 

A good book to start out would be "Form and Forces - Designing Efficient Expressive Structures - EdwardAllen"  It may not be what you're looking for but its a lot about what you'd learn in a structures course but with more interesting projects and not the rudimentary post, beams and trusses only.  Something you should have a good grasp of if you want to tackle more complex geometries.

Mar 22, 13 5:44 pm  · 

thanks acskb . any chance you'd know if arup or burohap do books or have reading lists ? !

Mar 22, 13 7:45 pm  · 

( not old man arup's bio , i did read that back when it came out ! )

Mar 22, 13 7:46 pm  · 

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