Tulane MArch students?


Hey, any current or recent MArch students out there? What's your general impression of the program? My biggest  concerns are 1. The cost...even with 20k in funding its a lot to take on.... 2. Finding jobs outside of new Orleans, perhaps abroad, afterwards, as the program feels very locally oriented (which is also a strength, but I'm nervous I'll end up in new Orleans forever) Also, how do you feel about the programs theoretical side?  their reputation seems pretty practical but they offer lots of theory classes that sound interesting, I'm wondering what the studios seem more geared towards? Any general impressions of the program would be great, thanks! 

Mar 21, 13 11:26 am

It is extremely locally oriented, but I'm not sure that this would hurt your chances at landing a job in an office outside of New Orleans. I feel as though you have the opportunity to have a well rounded education; I studied abroad in Rome and Beijing and took a year off to work for a big name firm in Beijing. If you are looking for a really radical/experimental curriculum, Tulane is not the school for you. Am I satisfied with the program? Yes, but I feel like the curriculum prepares its students for more corporate environments.

Also, aside from the Architecture School, you will probably fall in love with New Orleans and  want to stay for a while anyway. ;) 

I hope this helps...

Mar 22, 13 2:31 am

There are plenty of Tulane alums around the country. Myself and 3 classmates landed jobs in Chicago within 6 months of graduation. The northeast is also a general hotspot of Tulane alums as well. 

I'll agree with the above regarding the curriculum, but the freedom is there for you to explore what you'd like through independent study. You will definitely fall in love with New Orleans. I need to get back very soon for a visit.

Also, hi Laura!

Mar 22, 13 8:17 pm

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