Calculus Prerequisite

Anyone else trying to clear out calc prerequisites this summer? If so please share what your plans are! Online or community college? I haven't looked at a math book in a few years and I'm a little nervous about having to relearn it all in a couple of months! If you were in the same boat previously please share!

Mar 19, 13 10:16 am

I was in the same boat disro with the math ,
I last took math in high school and wanted to immediately take calc 1 in a community college , unfortunately I was so rusty and didn't pass the entrance exam, they recommended I take trigonometry first as its a vital part in calc 1 with analytical geometry , I would see what type of calc class your college/school requires bc there are various , and then speak with community college math advisor

I didn't attempt online bc I was so rusty but perhaps having a tutor may help

Mar 19, 13 10:28 am
Dima Srouji

@Bwatson thanks that really helps. A little more nervous now, but it's worth it to go through with it. The class they ask for is elementary Calculus I'm not sure what they mean by that. Is that calculus I or precalculus? The community colleges around here only offer pre calc and calc I. If Elementary Calculus refers to applied then I'm gonna have to do that online. 

A tutor might be a good idea if I end up doing it online. Thanks for your help. Did you end up going to the school that required the prereq?

Mar 19, 13 2:24 pm

I had this problem before I took physics.

I got all the Cliff Quick Review books at the start of the summer that I thought might be helpful and worked through them.  I ended up getting the reviews for algebra 1, algebra 2, and precalculus.  This was more than adequate.

As far as the math classes themselves (up through calculus 2), I took them at my local community college.  I took physics at the school that I attended for architecture.

Mar 19, 13 2:24 pm

You can try that out. I have no idea if it's legit but you can check it out,  maybe ask your school if it works. I've been looking for calc classes online too

Mar 20, 13 11:17 pm

or you can try this online class:

Mar 20, 13 11:49 pm

I am absolutely horrid with Math and I had to take those pre-recs in my days.  Don;t be nervous.  Don't worry too as you will realize that in architecture you are in solid company with some of the worst mathematicians in existence.

Seriously, if I could get through that stuff anyone can.  I was still enrolled in undergrad (senior years) when i realized i needed to take the calc and physics courses so I just signed up for them as electives.  Needless to say it was a pretty dreadful senior year....

Mar 21, 13 10:42 am


I did get into the program, however I only completed the math portion and now have to take 2 physics courses while Im in Arch school, I dont care though bc after Trig and Calc, I think it shouldnt be a prob

Mar 21, 13 1:30 pm


Mar 21, 13 2:55 pm

I personally though physics was harder than calc or trig.

Mar 21, 13 3:09 pm

if you cant pass calc at a normal university, not only are you retarded, but you should probably reconsider your career path. what a joke

Mar 22, 13 1:12 am

damn son, this brings back memories..

i passed my architecture schools second year review to be let into the professional program, and the only catch was is i had to take and pass calculus, before the fall or no dice, try again next year..


im not that great in math, i signed up for a 4 WEEK summer course, and it was brutal

2.5 hours of class everyday, a quiz everyday, and a test every friday...

and about 40-80 math problems worth of homework a night


so i month consisted of studying for the quiz in the morning, being finished with class by 2 or so.. then heading to the library with the solutions manual (bc they wouldnt let me check it out.. fuckers).. trudging through all those homework problems.. till around 10..

then heading home to finish up and have dinner and do it all again the next day

i eventually wised up around week 2.5 and just scanned the entire solutions manual... onto my harddrive... so i could work a home, but nothing changed just the location....

i woul not wish it on anyone, but if you arnt good at math the only way you can get through is.. doing it over and over and over and over till the shit sticks...

i would recommend the shortest course your school offers... ( i had an option for a longer one).. but in my opinion.. dont prolong your torture.. and the quicker it is.. you have no time to forget anything...



Mar 22, 13 8:51 am

DaveZ, it's morons like you who are the complete joke.

Mar 22, 13 11:57 am
Dima Srouji

Thanks everyone. DaveZ I think I would have passed if I took it on college. I did my architecture undergrad in an art and design school in London. .. No math requirements. I just tried to sign up for a calc summer course at a nearby community college and they won't let me take it because I didn't do college algebra...what a mess. 

Apr 18, 13 8:24 am

What happens if you dont complete calc before fall? call your school and ask for help 

Apr 18, 13 9:58 am

This site is the go-to even for math students in higher level courses. Really clear:


Do a lot of problems. You don't get better at math by reading.

Apr 18, 13 10:41 am

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