Please Help me to decide for PHD study


I have been accepted to Clemson and Illinois tech PHD program architecture focused in Design Computation for Fall 2013.


I am also waiting for Virginia Tech Program Phd. But I am not sure I can get accepted. The competition is very high. And to be honest, my English language itself is quite a big problem compare to other PHD students I suppose in US.

So I would like to have some advises, which I should choose. Clemson or Illinois Tech?

Is Architecture at Clemson good? Please give me reason too why I should enter that university compare to the other one.

I really want to start PHD as soon as possible. I am getting old (25 now). I would say now or never. Actually I want to wait a chance to be accepted at higher rank school. But I just think, school rank is not everything.

I have been emailed my a professor from clemson asking my decision on this. But I have not replied yet.  I has been 1 week. And I plan to reply as soon as possible. Should I wait the decision for VT?


I am panic and confused.

Please advise,

Mar 18, 13 1:19 pm

Who is your PHD advisor at Clemson? I am doing masters there now and work a lot with PHD students for my assitanship.

Mar 19, 13 7:19 pm

Revitarch, thanks for your post. Can you give me some inputs of why you choose Clemson to pursue your master in the first place? Are you taking M arch now?  

Mar 20, 13 5:33 am

Clemson is a good school and the education you get for the money is absolutely incredible. I mostly chose it because it was in-state for me and very affordable, but it is in the top 20 US schools.  

Mar 23, 13 5:54 pm

Hi Revitarch. I am glad to know that Clemson is a very good school with a good rank. Although I hate about the fact that school rank plays pivotal role for applying job at good company or other purposes (a lot of people seems to judge others achievement sometimes by the school reputation in which we have graduated from). Btw, which website that mention about Clemson being top 20 US school? Do you still have the link? 

I looked at this link

I cant find clemson name here for word rank Uni.  Although I know that we cannot fully trust some random website on internet.

In this website, clemson rank 68, which is even above Virginia Tech 72 for National Rank.

Clemson might be a good choice for me, perhaps.

Mar 24, 13 2:12 pm

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