Riba I or Riba II? - Please help me solve my question



I am an undergraduate architecture student from Lodz, Poland. I study at International Faculty of Engineering at Technical University of Lodz. Currently I am doing my third year at Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris, Frace. My Architecture course combines Architecture and Civil engineering that is why it lasts 4 years. After graduating I will be given a Bsc diploma. 

For my master ( graduate course) I would like to apply to Bartlett or Westminster. But I have no idea how my undergraduate diploma would be taken into consideration. Should I apply for RIBA II? Because I will have completed my undergraduate course in Poland - I think its almost the same as RIBA I. 

There is only one Faculty of Architecture at Technical University of Cracow that provides RIBA I diploma. That is why I am not sure what to do with my future after graduating from Technical University of Lodz

I would really like to go abroad. I have been thinking about London, but also maybe Berlin Technical University.  But I like the ideas of Units at Bartletts and some of the professors that i had met at Ecole Speciale d'Architecture encouraged me to try to apply to Bartlett. 

The only thing that scares me is the diploma recognition. I would not like to retake my undergraduate programme once again to get accepted to RIBA II ( master?)course...

Can someone help me with my questions?

Thank you in advance,

Maja P.

Mar 17, 13 1:44 pm

Hi Maja,

Each Uni has different prescription rules on their validation so you need to contract them directly - Under Bologna Protocol, they should allow you to take Part II before getting Part I - but some schools don't write their docs that way [its complex why they don't].  You still need part I but you can apply at any time.

There is some guidance on the RIBA web site. 

Mar 17, 13 2:09 pm

Thank you Ted,

I just read some information about application process at UCL. It requires polish BSc for graduate studies but there is nothing said about BSc for Architecture.. Sometimes the requirements are different. 

I will try to find out something more.

Thank you!

Mar 17, 13 2:22 pm

I am pretty sure you qualify for Part I equiv. Most Uni's will take you on as a part I and let you do your part II studies there. You would never need to go through a part I programme to become part II. You might have to take an exam and submit your undergraduate work (and pay a lovely fee) to make it all official. But I think you would only have to do that if you wanted to get official part III status. 

Mar 17, 13 5:34 pm

Thanks James,

Actually I was thinking the same but the perspective of taking the additional exam and pay a fee seems  not very encouragigng for me.

I have about 2 more years but of course I start thinking over my future right now.


Thx xx

Mar 18, 13 5:33 am

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