about Master of "Architectural management"


Hi everyone,

I have recently been interested in "architectural management" and i want to apply for it. i have master of architecture now. but i think this is a very professional field and will be useful.

I wanna ask if somebody knows about its work opportunity ??? generally what do you think about it ???

 and how can i find list of universities that have this field of study and comprehensive information?


Thanks alot !

Mar 17, 13 9:43 am

Lawrence Tech offers a certificate in Architectural Management.  I doubt its a very valuable piece of paper.

Mar 18, 13 12:54 pm

tanx shuellmi,

I had checked it out, and your right, It seems not to be so valuable.

there are some other universities, like IE (madrid) , kansas university and some more,

but I dont know where is more valuable !

I am also wondering if this can be useful for job opportunity or not !

Mar 18, 13 7:21 pm

The more traditional educational path to a role in practice management is to pursue your MBA after obtaining a degree in architecture. There are tons of good MBA programs around, many which can be attended at night while working during the day.

These programs are NOT specifically tailored to the challenges of the design industry, but the educational content still is highly useful and can, if you choose, give you the flexibility to branch out into real estate (where the money is better) once you have your degree.

As the old joke goes, what does the Architect with an M.Arch call the Architect with an MBA?

Wait for it !


Mar 18, 13 8:55 pm

Tanx  quizzical,

It seems true!

I was thinking about MBA, but thought maybe related (architectural) management degree can be better!

Im still puzzled. :)

Mar 19, 13 5:01 am

Dear Mehrdad313,

Please give me your e mail address in order to send you the one I consider the best option on architectural management masters.


Jul 20, 13 8:18 am

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