USC M.ARCH (+2) Program : First Impressions


So I finally went to check out USC (M.ARCH +2) architecture program and here are some unorganized thoughts of it:


1.  there's only 36 students total in the M.arch (+2) program, 36/200+ graduate students all together (MLA,etc.etc.). So not a lot of studio options to pick from and size class is small (good and bad thing)

2. Graduate studios are located on the top floor of the building ( 3-4 stories if I remember correctly). The arch. building is shared with the fine arts/sculpting program.

3. the workshop is located in another building, but still attached to it. It's like a back warehouse sorta thing. Not too small and not too big. The workshop is shared with other design/art students. 3 laser cutters, cnc mill, table saw, 1 3d printer.

4. there are travel studios, but it seems very limited (looks like CHina is frequent destination)

5. A good mix of ethnicity, but it seems like asians was the more dominant group. There was a bunch of mainland chinese people, but I didn't think there were a lot of them as some people say it was.

6.  studio space is big; alot of space despite sharing with other graduate programs

7. Some of the caliber of the student work didn't seem as impressive as the undergraduate work. A lot more undergrads for sure....

8. some parts outside of USC is just shady

9. pretty big, nice, clean campus. outside is pretty ethnic

10. the curriculum doesn't seem like it consist a lot of courses to take.  Then again, it is only 2 years so it's a good thing for those who want to save money and want to get it over with. 


As of now I'm still deciding between USC and GSAPP. I'm leaning towards GSAPP more even though it;s going to COST ME SO MUCH MORE.....

i'm going to get a hold of some USC alumni's soon to discuss what their thoughts are, but  i'm only still considering USC just because it's ONLY TWO YEARS, I GOT SCHOLARSHIP MONEY AND IT'LL BE MUCH CHEAPER. 

Mar 17, 13 6:17 am

Thank you for your feedbacks batman.

Here is the link to the most recent publication of students' works at USC. Don't know why it wasn't showed on their web, I had to google around to find it.

Mar 18, 13 5:58 am

thanks, but when I went there I asked if there was a new student booklet and that was the one they gave me.

don't know why they sent out old stuff :\

Mar 18, 13 1:16 pm

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