Exactly... Yeah I hope so too, but don't know if I can afford to wait until the next lottery to try & find another place to live... Especially considering they said it might not be until after summer semester begins (which seems weird). My handle is bdc145 btw I just forgot to post as that this morning, regardless of what happens w housing I'll be there haha
Apr 20, 13 3:07 pm

i wonder how they allocate housing? sorry about the inconvenience. are you aware about the type of housing they offer for graduate students (besides the arbor and i-house)? do you know if the UAH application is for campus owned housing or on campus housing? I jut hope whatever I got is walkable to campus or on campus.

there's a thread about '05 "columbia housing" and one member recently posted an ad about his current housing because he is vacating it this semester.

Apr 20, 13 3:18 pm
Yeah I saw that & might have to get in contact with that guy... It looks like there are some resources for non-school owned off campus housing through the portal so I need to try & take advantage of them before I move out to NYC... Running out of time & really don't want to be stressing about finding a place once school starts
Apr 20, 13 3:23 pm

Hey, I also got my UAH application approved! I am waiting to see what kind of housing I'll be offered! I hope we 'll find out in the next couple of days!

Apr 22, 13 4:36 am

@dorafel...congrats! do you know about the type of housing they offer for graduate students (besides the arbor and i-house)? was the UAH application for campus owned housing or on campus housing? I jut hope whatever we got is walkable to campus or on campus.

Apr 22, 13 11:05 am

i just received 3 housing options!!! apartments!

Apr 22, 13 12:26 pm

but i'm not sure if its campus owned housing

Apr 22, 13 12:42 pm

nevermind. i think those housing options were sent to everyone.

Apr 22, 13 1:06 pm

@sensation. I believe the housing offered is campus owned and within a fairly good distance from campus (but not very sure). I have asked three friends that attended the MSAAD and all lived in shared apartments. In fact, they did not know any grad students that lived in dorms, all shared appartments with other grad students.

Apr 22, 13 3:25 pm

@dorafel.. that's beautiful. did they enjoy the conditions of the campus owned apartments? i spoke to one graduate and she said that they are nice.

Apr 22, 13 3:35 pm

@sensation. All three were pleased with their apartments. Especially the one who was lucky enough to get campus owned apartment in the campus!!! I also saw the apartment emails and freaked out as I was anxiously checking the first - I thought it was my offer! Still waiting though - hope I get a furnished one! We just got a group in fb, has everyone seen it?

Apr 22, 13 3:41 pm

@dorafel... really!! were they able to renew their lease for each semester? i saw the offers in my email and freaked out also, until i realized it had nothing to do with the lottery process.

i hope the housing we get is really nice and furnished, since it is campus owned housing! i didn't see the facebook group, but i did read an email sent by an international student from moscow about his facebook group.

Apr 22, 13 5:32 pm

@dorafel whats the facebook group called? I cant find it

Apr 22, 13 6:35 pm

@sensation, mazboudi. This is the link:

If it doesn't work follow the link from the google group discussion!

Apr 23, 13 5:59 am

Thanks!! I just received my housing offer! 3 bedroom apartment with one bathroom.. furnished! thank you Jesus!

Apr 23, 13 12:26 pm

actually i don't know how many bathrooms.. but whatever i paid the security deposit $2130!.. and its close to central park! i'm rejoicing right now :) good luck everyone!

Apr 23, 13 1:05 pm

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