summer internship pay in NYC


Hey guys. What is a going rate of pay for summer internships in NYC? I will not work for free, so speaking of paid internships. I have a b.arch + a few years experience and doing my m.arch at a top school. I've never worked in NYC, so I have no idea how pay rates relate. Is it possible to get at least 18 to 20 per hour? 

When do people start sending things out to firms? Already started the search? Thanks for any help.

Mar 16, 13 11:55 am

I sent applications to the Big Apple a few weeks ago...sent out a few more today but not to NYC.

Mar 16, 13 12:36 pm

i haven't seen more than ~$15 an hour personally but i'm judging by 3-4 cases i know,

Mar 16, 13 6:21 pm

At my office its $12/hr for the summer kids.

Mar 16, 13 8:31 pm

I'm wondering about this too, although in my case it's a bit more specific. I'm from Belgium and graduating next year with a M.Arch and hoping to do my internship (6 months or something) abroad, and looking for something in the USA.

I'm wondering if you could 'survive' with $15 an hour (and probably you still have to subtract the taxes from that), or would the rates be higher as I'm graduated (and not still studying like OP).

Mar 17, 13 11:44 am

AHAHAHAAHA internship and pay, thats funny

Mar 18, 13 1:43 am

No seriously, even in a lot of countries in the EU we have minimum rates. It are mostly only the 'starchitects' and big firms that won't pay (the first months at least).

Mar 18, 13 7:48 am

Most architect firms really don't fancy paying to their interns; however they are a handful number of companies that do pay some amount of money to their interns, but not anything more than $15 per hour as per my knowledge. 

Mar 18, 13 8:47 am

We pay all of our summer interns.

No ifs ands or buts about it.

If we can't afford to pay them, we won't bring them on.  It is that simple.

Mar 18, 13 11:00 am

wow. thats depressing. i made $15 an hour in houston years ago with no previous experience at a summer internship. I figured NYC would at least have a little bit of a cost of living difference. 

Mar 18, 13 11:00 am

NYC offers bullshit pay in general for architects.  That's why I left there for good.

Mar 18, 13 11:03 am

Good to know, but I quite expected that already. And are there main differences between the east and west-coast?

Mar 18, 13 11:27 am

i am an intern in a construction firm here in nyc and i get 16, in city i think 12-16 is a norm. In long island, queens etc. i think its 10-13

Mar 19, 13 2:47 pm

Best bet if you are looking for an internship in NYC, pool resources with other interns and share an apartment that might be a sublet for example. $10~$15 /hr will stretch your wallets to the next dimension and back and you will be eating rice and tofu at times even. Seen it first hand. Another thing, if you are looking to intern in New York, you better get paid. I would imagine there is more action in New York, DC, Boston on the east. Portland is slow, not sure about Seattle and San Fran to compare what the west has to offer.

I would also suggest talking to recruiters maybe but buyer beware. Recruiters generally are getting paid for every hour you work, rather than collecting a finder's fee. Been there, done that.

Mar 19, 13 7:46 pm

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