2013 M.Arch Applicants - Final Results, Decisions, Stats, etc.

  • 28 / M / American
  • BArch  / Cal Poly San Luis Obispo / 2009
  • 4 years work experience in practice including small projects on my own
  • 1 year adjunct instructor; 2 years TA'ing
  • GPA: 3.7
  • GRE: Forget, slightly above average
  • PORTFOLIO: see Archinect profile or here
  • 5 Recommendations: 1 architecture mentor/employer (Ibero Mexico City Grad, former dean), 1 architecture employer/professor (FAIA); 1 architecture professor (MIT grad); 1 architecture thesis professor (Columbia grad); 1 architecture department head from undergrad
  • IN: GSD - MArch II (max money for program); GSD-MAUD (max money for program). W/possibility for concurrent MArch II and MAUD degrees
  • OUT: MIT - SMarchS Architectural Design Concentration 

DECISION: MArch II, most freedom to develop my own curriculum.

Mar 31, 13 3:30 pm

- 27, european

-  Mag. Arch, university of applied arts, vienna, 2011

- GRE scores: 163/155/4.0


- IN (only applied to those 4): Harvard MsDes, Cooper Union M.arch II, Princeton M. Arch II, Gsapp CCCP

- Final decision: Gsapp CCCP (best fit, best $ offer, best city) 

Jun 5, 13 5:41 pm
Jono Lee

Great portfolio. What software did you use to create those renderings?
Jun 5, 13 7:26 pm


thank you! I used different software and different rendering engines.. rhino, 3dsmax, maya with vray, maxwell and mental ray

Jun 5, 13 11:40 pm

I love how there are maybe 20 schools that have even been listed in this thread, and probably less than 10 that people are going to.

Jun 6, 13 1:07 am

Hi I have a small enquiry....I got a toefl score of 99 and the minimum requirement at harvard gsd is 92 with a sectional requirement of 23..

The problem is i got 21 in reading and the remaining i crossed the 23 mark.

should i be taking the test again?

please help!!

Sep 10, 14 3:26 am

If you have time and money. It doesn't harm to have a better score.

Sep 10, 14 3:55 am

... if not try to contact the school if they will take it. Toefl shouldnt be a big deal in application process

Sep 10, 14 4:05 am

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