2013 M.Arch Applicants - Final Results, Decisions, Stats, etc.


Hi everybody. For many of 2013 M.Arch applicants, I believe the waiting is almost over and it's time for decisions. This is the time to start this legendary thread again.

 [taken from last year's results thread and revised for a more compact version]


Please take a moment to post as much information as you are would like to provide about your application to 2013 M.ARCH programs. The intention of this thread is to create an archive of the process and experience of applicants this year [and to aid applicants for next year.] 

It’s time for us who have been fortunate enough with success in this process to pay it forward. Information that would be helpful is as follows. please feel free to + and/or - according to preference.

- Age/Sex/Citizenship

- Undergraduate degree/ School/ Year graduated


- GRE scores/ TOEFL scores (internationals)

- PORTFOLIO (recommended)

- # of letter of recommendations/ from who (this can be general; employer, professor, etc.)

- things that stand out about you as a candidate (re: Personal Essay, awards...)

- Unfinished/finished prerequisites

- Preparatory programs (summer, community college, design courses etc.) + assessment of the program (if possible)

- Open house impressions, if any

- SCHOOLS applied + Results + Funds awarded [in, out or waitlist], any $ offered, any other pertinent info)

- Final decision (or preferences if not decided yet)

+++the information you share should be factual and honest. please keep it real. as always, feel free to alter as you wish since the points of interest noted above are just a quick reference.

+++thanks in advance for taking the time to post what is very personal information for the benefit of those to come.

Mar 15, 13 12:44 pm

what's going on? i don't understand what's going on here. Is this the Scranton, PA missed connections page?

Mar 15, 13 12:55 pm  · 

you're asking too much.. i say

School accepted


GPA/GRE scores

Scholarship $

(and anything else they want/tips/advice etc)



Mar 15, 13 3:38 pm  · 

For posterity....


Non-Arch background (USA)


161 / 161 / 6.0

2 Architecture professor recommendations and one employer (unrelated to architecture)

IN for M.Arch 1: 


Columbia GSAPP $

SCI-Arc $

Berkeley (waiting on possible $)



Don't get obsessed with archinect! The more time you're here, the less time you are:

reading about the programs,

reading about your interests,

putting together your best portfolio.

The whole process is fairly arbitrary, and there are surprises around every corner. Don't stress about individual stats (recs, gpa, gre, etc.). Just research the schools, write a solid essay tailored to each program, and put together the best portfolio you can. If you have questions talk to the schools; they are usually very helpful. 

Mar 15, 13 5:56 pm  · 

I would agree on the asking too much part. If there was a way to keep this anonymous but rewarding from a research perspective you may get more feedback.

Just my $0.03 (tax incl.)

Mar 15, 13 6:31 pm  · 

Hi guys, as I said in the first lines, I just copied the thread from last year's version and made it even shorter. I didn't add anything. But you're right, it's still asking more than necessary ...

- 25/male/asian

- 5-year B.Arch, graduated in 2011

- 3.01/4

- GRE 151 158 4.0/ TOEFL 100

-I think it was the portfolio and awards during undergrad time that gave me some sympathy. My GPA, GRE, TOEFL, working experiences, background ..etc.. are obviously not brilliant.

- 3 letters of recommendation, all from undergrad professors

- Cannot come to any open houses (international student)


-USC (2 years M.Arch +2; 18k/year)

-Syracuse (1 semester AP M.Arch1, 15k for first year)

-UIC (1 year AP M.Arch, no $)

-IIT (1 year AP M.Arch, no $)


-Rice (M.Arch option 2)

-Berkeley (M.Arch option 2)

-WUSTL (M.Arch option 2)


-USC: most suitable curriculum with emphasis on urban and cities, affordable program length, great location (Los Angeles) and great weather


The rumor seems to be true: a strong enough portfolio could get you in where you want. But a weak GPA could diminish your chance of getting better Advanced Standing and scholarships. Also research about the school's location carefully, especially international students. 2 years in the US is not long, choose places that you can make the most of your time here, both inside and outside of the schools.

Good luck to you all!


Mar 16, 13 1:47 am  · 

- 25/m 

- B Architecture and a BS in Psychology from RPI this May

- 3.9 GPA

- 162 / 167 / 6.0 GREs

- email me to ask for it, otherwise my work is on

- 1 rec from the dean of my school, 1 professional rec, 1 rec from an alumni of each school


IN - Princeton (M. Arch II), Columbia (MSAAD)

WAITLISTED - Yale (M. Arch II)

OUT - GSD (M. Arch II), MIT (Media Lab)

- Decision - Princeton.  Good Fellowship $ plus I like the faculty and smaller program.  First time I've ever been excited to go to New Jersey for anything.

Mar 16, 13 7:22 am  · 

First time I've ever been excited to go to New Jersey for anything.


Mar 16, 13 3:03 pm  · 

- 22 / M / Asian American

- Brown University / BA in Architectural Studies / 2012

- GPA - 3.7

- GRE - 165 / 161 / 4.5


- 3 - two professors, one employer

- SoI - Talked about roller coaster tycoon...

- Intro to Arch and NY/Paris both with Columbia GSAPP



- OUT - YSoA

- Haven't decided yet.

Mar 17, 13 5:08 pm  · 

Waitlisted at Berkeley for MArch....anyone in the same boat?

Anyone ever actually accepted of a Berkeley waiting list? Ha!

Waiting to hear from SCI-ARC and CCA

Mar 17, 13 5:46 pm  · 


m.arch I


b.s. biochem 2013, 2.7 GPA

gsd cdisco

recommendations: polymer chem prof., research advisor, administrator of a housing cooperative, CDisco evals

wrote essay on combining science + arch

IN: GSAPP (12k), UofH (no $)

OUT (lol so many): GSD, YSOA, UMich (took myself off the waitlist), MIT, Rice, Berk

waiting: UWash-seattle

excited to go to gsapp and work my butt off. looking back, i just applied for the prestige of some places, like yale (which, i would never go to), but i am glad i got into one of the four i was super excited about (MIT, umich, GSAPP, GSD). upon further introspection, i think gsapp is the best for me. nyc baby~

Mar 17, 13 6:19 pm  · 

- 23 / M / Asian - Canadian

- Bachelor of Interior Design from a small polytechnic school in Toronto. Also finishing my first year of M.Arch at UBC.

- 3.39 GPA

- 620 V / 800 Q / 5.0 AW

- 3 Letters. One from a studio professor, one from an architect and a landscape architect I did a competition with. Nobody with a big name. 

- 2 summer internships at the interior design division of a corporate firm

- IN: Harvard, Yale and UCLA (all M.Arch I)

- OUT: Princeton, MIT (again, all M.Arch I)

- FINAL DECISION: A little torn between Yale and Harvard. I won't be able to attend the open houses for financial reasons, which makes the decision all the more difficult. My gut feeling is leaning towards the GSD though.

Mar 17, 13 11:44 pm  · 
batman are you transferring out your current M.arch program at UBC? why are you transferring and did you get AP?

Mar 18, 13 3:56 am  · 

37 / M / Black

B.Arch - 5 year (2000)

13 years work experience, wanted to change things up and decided on M.Sc. Arch. (Sust Design and Leadership, Mixed Use Urban Design) Looking to add in Product Design, at UO.

GPA and GREs (should have been better) were ok. Next time you hear someone recommend you spend adequate time preparing for GRE, listen. That's my $0.02.

LOR's (5) plus 1Faculty

2 Principals, 1 Studio Director, 1 Senior Associate and 1 Project Manager. Letters were from 3 different offices I worked in.

IN: UO (my decision included a relocation from East coast to West Coast.)

Considered: UW, Berkeley, Sci-Arc, Columbia, Pratt, Penn until I knew I was def moving west.

Spent enough time looking up schools and decided on one. I'll admit, finances played some role in decision. I paid of undergrad debt and didn't want to create a new mountain. I knew what I wanted to do. Now to build on that.

Mar 18, 13 4:19 am  · 

- 24 / M / American (naturalized)-Asian/Hispanic descent

- BArch Architecture with High Honors / CCA (SF) / 2012

- 3.9

- 165 / 169 / 4.5



- 5 total writers, varied per school (submitted the max for GSD, which is 5): 3 GSD alums (Department Director, BArch director/former employer/mentor, Landscape Architect/Urban professor) 1 GSAPP alum (personal mentor), 1 Penn alum (former supervisor)

- extensive extra curriculars and maintained grades; extensive awards, 3 study abroads, exhibited at the Biennale. I really liked my personal essay... so i think that helped a lot... also i received a "C"... at first this scared me but was able to turn that around and tell them that im not all school, and do a lot outside... that im imperfect and a person

-previously applied to schools, however ended up deferring to some of them where i was allowed... instead, worked professionally to save up/also did an international competition which was later exhibited at the Biennale


- in order of preference (applied and accepted into):

GSD w/ $$$$

YSOA (no aid yet)

GSAPP w/$$

CCA (no official news, but spoke with the department head and am accepted (I think))

Final Decision seems like it'll be GSD, my first choice! will be there for the open house!

Mar 18, 13 3:04 pm  · 

26 / M / Ecuador
B.A. in Architecture - University of New Mexico
GPA - 3.8
GRE: 155 / 159 / 4.0
TOEFL: 111
3 Years work experience (USA and South America) 
3/4 Letters of Rec: 2 Professors (Arch) and 2 Employers



-uPenn +AP
-GSAPP (3 Years)
-U.B.C. +AP
-I.I.T. +AP
-U of Oregon (Portland) (2 Years)
-U of Washington (Seattle) +AP



I will probably go to uPenn. I am very attracted to its Environmental/Digital focus plus all the opportunities to travel that the school offers. Although, Vancouver and the other west coast cities just seem like great places to live in... hmmm Luckily the government of Ecuador will pay for 100% of my education and expenses without me having to pay it back, I just have to come back to the country and work for a couple years wherever I want. I don't complain :) 

Mar 19, 13 12:52 am  · 

- 24 / M / American

- BSArch University of Cincinnati

- 3.4

- 160/159/4.0
-3 years work experience
-letters of rec (employer, x2 professor)


Yale (MArch I) w/ $$



Going to Yale!

Mar 19, 13 9:44 am  · 

- 26 / F 

- AB Art Semiotics

- gpa: na (B- but no +s or -s, so not completely accurate)

- V159/Q153/4.5
- experience: non-profit community organizations, advertising, fundraising initiatives, 
-letters of rec (employer, professor, collaborator on fundraiser)

Portfolio: more fine art, with a few industrial design projects



U of Cincinnati-waiting on $

WUSTL-waiting on $

UMich Ann Arbor

UPenn- $


City College of NY








U of Texas Austin


Decision: undecided

Mar 19, 13 12:51 pm  · 


Yes, I'm transferring from UBC. It's a bit of a long story. I was admitted to UBC under slightly unusual circumstances. I had always intended to apply to the GSD and YSOA but never did until now. 

I don't have AP status, but there is a possibility that I will get courses exempt based on what I've taken at UBC.

Mar 19, 13 6:53 pm  · 

i cant believe how young yall are! so much for work experience I guess. I mean real work experience. Not an internship or TCBY. 

No offense! 22 year olds doing a masters at GSD or where ever makes one scratch their head. Not because of technical ability but maturity and ability to share work related experiences. 

Realize that the more young students that are equipped with advanced degrees, the more we saturate the value of that degree in the market place. Meaning it only becomes more difficult to leverage your education in to better pay as accessibility to these degrees are seemingly quite easy. 

Congrats non the less and good luck! 

Mar 19, 13 6:54 pm  · 


Where is the faith in our youth? They exist and they get into the GSD because they are matured and experienced, and they  understand what their degrees entail. Harvard is not a pass to financial success. Keep the hope up though, turns out these 22 year old also gets into probably a load of other places that doesn't mean shit like Princeton, Yale, AA, Bartlett, GSAPP, and the whole alphabet soup of places. Kinda sucks because one of them have my spot too. 

But I'm 23 SO I'm so MUCH oldER you KnOw? Sometimes I scratch my head, but at other people's judgement. And from experience, incompetence is non biases, it effects all age demographic, not just the young.      

Harvard , yea I mean what the hell, its been an open door policy since 1636. YOU APPLY AND YOU GET IN is their unofficial motto      

Mar 19, 13 11:42 pm  · 


Mar 20, 13 3:10 am  · 

- 26 / F

- BA Art Studio, liberal arts school

- gpa:3.46


- V163/Q153/4
interned with architect and some building experience

IN: U Penn, U Minnesota, U Washington
OUT: Yale, Berkeley

Happy with the programs I have to choose from.  It will probably come down to cost.  Anyone have experience they are willing to share about UMN and UW? 

Mar 20, 13 12:51 pm  · 

-20/ F, Chinese

-BS Applied Physics

-GPA: 3.94/4.00

-GRE: 154V/162Q, 3.5W

-Portfolio: really just got started to build it up right in my junior year; I included work I did in GSAPP intro program and works from art studio classes.

-No work experience

IN (M.Arch1): GSAPP, UPenn, UT Austin, UMich, UCLA, Wash U, OSU (with 10k scholarship)

Waitlist: UVa


Decided to attend GSAPP. Now being very excited about the next 3 years :)

Mar 20, 13 1:07 pm  · 


Yay! So am I. Excited to see you there :]

Mar 20, 13 1:09 pm  · 

^ it's hard to read sarcasm through the internet...that was the risk

Mar 20, 13 1:29 pm  · 

23/ m/ white

-BA Architecture, Minor in Sustainable Design - Berkeley

-GPA: 3.6

-GRE: 167v, 161q, 4w

-recommendations: 3 arch professors

-Work Exp: Interned for professor for a month, worked on design competition (client side), worked as project manager

- In: UT Austin($$), Berkeley

- Out: YSOA, GSD

- Undecided

Mar 20, 13 1:36 pm  · 

@ IBS - Obviously my post was going to ruffle some feathers.

First, allow me to clarify. I have no issue with a 22 year old BArch grad wanting to pursue or even being accepted to an MArch II program. I actually believe that it's a great opportunity to round out one's education.

What I don't agree with, is a young 20 something, lets say 22 for continuity, completing a bachelors degree in drama and social justice, then going directly into a masters of architecture program for another 3 years. That's loco man.

History shows the field of architecture has struggled to garnish wages which are commensurate with the amount and type of work involved. That's a real fact. Look on craigslist or glassdoor. Take a random sample. See if that's what you want to make after spending 3 years and 100,000 + on grad school. It kinda doesn't seem fair. 

Look at it this way, business schools continue to place their graduates into high paying positions for a number of reasons...One being the average Bschool student is generally between the ages of 27-35 and has a minimum of 4 years of work experience. That's not a coincidence. Schools actually require that. They think it makes the education experience better! HAHA ! Can you believe that?! People with experience...working together, sharing their expertise in a collaborative setting.  OMG, that's like so awkward, right?!

Maybe you think architecture should be an island.  Never observing or learning from what others are doing. Let's keep the wages low! Who needs money when daddy will continue to carry your dead ass weight around. 

Also, my comments have nothing to do with my faith in youth. Actually it's quite the opposite. I think everyone deserves a chance but the buck doesn't stop with school. You don't need an MArch from UPenn to use cad and draw stairs sections.

 I  bet with a few more years of growing up under your belt, you would have responded a little less emotionally.  And if you are after all, 23 years old, then it doesn't surprise me that you took offense to what I said. Probably because I made your feel insecure about your age and the reality that you're spending half of your life in school, going broke instead of living your life, making a living and gaining experience.

Mar 20, 13 2:23 pm  · 

as for everyone else. thanks for posting your info. keep them coming!

Mar 20, 13 2:29 pm  · 

look you guys, i get that you think it's invalid or not right or whatever that twenty-two year olds are getting MArch degrees. but by saying that you just invalidated all the effort i and many other posters have put forth. this thread is meant to celebrate our results through this really long and stressful journey, so i would appreciate it if y'all could just keep the sarcasm  and insults out of one thread at least.

Mar 20, 13 2:58 pm  · 

my 2-cents: i understand where people are coming from in terms of those who come from a non-arch background going into grad school for their first-professional degrees right after their undergrad... however, i believe this actually brings in more diversity in the studio culture... architecture is one of the field that is very inter and multi-disciplinary... not just in technological advancement, but also in terms on social issues, and many more.  Honestly, when we design in studio (sometimes), we forget about these important factors and design for the sake of designing without considering these important variables ( i mean, we design for these people, anyway)... i really think having non-arch students in the studio enrich the discourse and even helps us create a more conceptually-thought out designs with regards to other disciplines


PS: congrats to all those who got in with BArch or not! (also, this forum is for stats, to help future applicants, please keep it that way/create a new thread to discuss this issue)

Mar 20, 13 3:27 pm  · 


If you read my post it was in defense of young ambition. It wasn't meant to insult you at all but rather to say that there are talented and experienced people of all age.  

Spackle has beef with the whole profession, probably for having too much experience and not being compensated for it. How sad...point is, the cream rises to the top. 

Mar 20, 13 4:42 pm  · 

- 21 / F / Asian-American

- BS Architectural Studies / USC / 2013

- GPA: 3.75

- GRE: Q158/V160/4.5


- 5 recommendations (max for GSD): 1 architecture professor/mentor/employer (Princeton/GSD), 2 architecture employers (both GSD), 1 architecture professor, 1 English professor

- Stand outs: probably personal essay, interdisciplinary work, independent research

- need to take calculus

- 2.5 years of B.Arch studios

- IN: UCLA (AP + full ride), Rice (Option 2/AP + full ride), MIT (full ride), Princeton (full ride + TA stipend), Yale (no financial aid yet), Harvard GSD (15k grant + 20k loans)

- GSD or Princeton, still contemplating

Mar 20, 13 4:46 pm  · 


In: harvard, yale

out: princeton

Mar 20, 13 4:46 pm  · 

I think I'm going to Penn. Anyone going to the open house?

Mar 20, 13 6:45 pm  · 

rteng. your portfolio is amazing. you have an awesome range. you definitely deserve all the support and gifts these schools can give! 

way to go!

Mar 20, 13 6:49 pm  · 

Sarcasm aside, I think the conversation started has some teeth to it. About the cream rising to the top part, I think it's a generalized opinion. Many studio debates have been had about who is better out of the gate....someone ivy educated vs someone who isn't. This debate blends easily with work experience vs no experience.

My $0.02, a Masters doesn't guarantee that you will start of higher than someone with an undergraduate background. These posts inevitably go the route of I made it to an Ivy with little effort, you didn't.....and then gets loud for no reason.

A reality that we all face before during or after school will remind you of Spackle's base argument. You'll see, one day, you will hopefully be working as permanent staff somewhere and maybe remember this conversation. There will be that bridge we will all cross, Ivy or not, experience or not, where those with more experience will get more work and you will support them. Until you can prove yourself. At the end of the day in this crappy economy, that's all we can ask for. There are no guarantees and most of us know that by now.

Mar 20, 13 7:09 pm  · 

@jk3hl That's an awesome portfolio. I wouldn't mind picking your brain on post production.

Congratulations to all who weathered this crazy application storm, waiting or accepted, we are that much closer to that next level.

I forgot to add in my last comment that eventually, regardless of experience or academic background, we all get to that next threshold. Licensure (AIA, Leed and whatever else is yet to come) The reality of practice eventually catches us all, jaded or not.

Mar 20, 13 7:16 pm  · 

- 26 / F / Greek


- Graduated 2011

- 9,05/10 (degree grade, not converted to GPA)


- GRE: 161V - 167Q - 4.5A / TOEFL score: 118



- 3 letters of recommendation (4 for GSD) from professors, all GSD graduates + current employer

- IN: GSAPP MSAAD / OUT: GSD MArch II, Princeton MArch II


- Pretty excited about the prospect of living in New York though troubled about the exremely high tuition... Let's hope I figure it out before the 15th of April!

Mar 20, 13 8:04 pm  · 

- 27/m - B of Arch. '09 - 3.25 GPA - 3 years exhibit designer experience prior, 3 architecture internships, 1 currently. - recommendation letters; 1 former prof/director of arch school/ alumni 1 former professor/ interned with/architect 1 VP/Engineer/former supervisor All post-professional - In: Columbia, GSAPP, MSAAD - some $, awaiting financial aid info. Pratt, M.S. Architecture - no word on funding, school couldn't check, awaiting info in mail. Penn, M. Arch II - practicality no $, awaiting financial aid info. - Decision - Columbia if I can afford it, was always my first choice. Portfolio - very similar to one submitted to all 3 -

Mar 20, 13 8:48 pm  · 

Dorafel. Wow.

Mar 20, 13 9:16 pm  · 

@ Spackle: Thank you!

Mar 22, 13 6:48 am  · 



I am Greek too and I'm a fifth year student (Architecture). I'm planning on sending applications on the forthcoming December. How did you manage to find so may GSD graduates to give you letters of recommendation???

Your portfolio is ace! I would be grateful if you could give me any tips. I am planning on sending applications to GSAPP, GSD MArch II, UPenn and Berkeley

Mar 22, 13 8:36 am  · 

I'm thinking of a transfer as well to ucla from march 1 as well, did u get any ap from them , did you mention why you were transferring in your soi as well, anything would help thanks

Mar 23, 13 2:27 am  · 

hi! i'm new here, but i want to share my results with you guys :)

25 / female / south american

graduated in 2012, barch degree

8.5 / 10 (not converted to GPA)

gre: 154 / 154 / 3.5

toefl: 101

recommendations: two arch employers, one arch professor

IN: RISD (+$), MAUD GSD (+$) and GSAAP 

OUT: March II GSD, Princeton and MIT


final decision: maud GSD!

Mar 23, 13 9:37 pm  · 

hello! this is my first post on archinect

24 / female / Asian (with no green card)

graduated in 2011 with B.S degree in architecture (four years)

GPA: 3.44


GRE: V147 Q163 W 3.0

RECOMMENDATIONS: 3 letters all from arch professors (one from GSD, one from MIT, and the last one from GSAPP)


here is my results:

IN: upenn march 1 ap ($)/ gsapp msaad/ cooper union march 2 ($$$)

OUT: mit/ gsd/ yale/ princeton

Decision: have great possibility to Cooper Union

I don't know is it a right decision or not. But comparing to UPENN and Columbia University, choosing cooper union to study can save many tuition fee. Also, I like its teaching style. Is there any person also get the offer from cooper union this year? It seems that not so many people discuss cooper union in the forum.

if you want to have more discuss can contact with me :

Mar 24, 13 2:14 am  · 

25 / female / international

graduated in 2011 (BA Architecture)

GPA: 3.2 (took a few unsuccessful gambles with classes)

TOEFL: 119

GRE: V 750 Q 710 W 5.5 (took the old one and i'm not sure of the conversions)

Recs: 6 referees whose letters i requested based on the program i applied to, four are professors who taught me - two of the professors are MIT alums


IN: GSD MDesS ($), MIT SMArchS ($$)

Leaning towards the SMArchS - better fit intellectually and better financial aid package (always a plus!)

Mar 24, 13 6:13 am  · 

@geo90 Thanks! II believe that there aren't really any tips, just prepare a lot and redo your portfolio many times, correcting yourself is quite the task! Take the GRE+TOEFL tests VERY early on, I didn't and it took up so much of my time (I work full time so my preparation was very limited and anxiously done). I graduated from Patras School of Architecture (PSOA lol!!!) and many of our professors there hold GSD masters degrees. I don't know if you are already done with your thesis but I wish you all the best and have courage during the application process - it will all work out!

Mar 24, 13 8:24 am  · 
virgil mccracken



GPA: 3.8

GRE: 570, 690, 4.0

letters: 2 professional, 2 academic

admitted: Columbia, Harvard (half $), MIT (full-$), UPenn (half $), Princeton (3/4 $), UCLA (full $), Yale (half $)


Mar 28, 13 1:00 am  · 


Was there a specific concentration that you applied for to both programs? I am interested in both programs. Would it be possible to share more information as well as your portfolio submissions? Please feel free to contact me at

Mar 28, 13 1:25 am  · 


I applied for Critical Conservation (MDesS) and HTC (SMArchS). I didn't submit a portfolio for the MDesS, and my portfolio for HTC was nothing fancy. I did submit a 20-pg writing sample for both, though, and my SOP underwent dozens of rewrites. I was also lucky to have many professors who could attest to my research and writing skills in their letters of reference.

What concentrations are you interested in? Each one has very different requirements, and I wouldn't be the best person to talk to if you were interested in, say, the SMArchS in computation. The faculty at both the GSD and MIT seem very accessible and willing to talk things through, so it might be best to reach out to them for a chat.

Mar 28, 13 3:22 am  · 

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