SCI-Arc M + M Summer Program- Worth it?


Hi. I plan on attending Sci-Arc for an MArch 1 in August. This year they are not requiring the Making and Meaning summer course prior to the start of the MArch 1. 

Has anyone taken the course and do you think its an important introduction to the MArch program?? Is it worth arriving in LA a month early and spending the 4.5 grand?

Mar 13, 13 4:16 am

@bb217 The making and meaning program has its pros and cons. I've never taken it but I'm graduating sci arc this spring and I know a lot of people that were required to take it. Sci arc is a huge computer base school and if your not really proficient in rhino maya grasshopper etc then it's gonna give you a heads up during the regular year. Plus you get to use the resources they have like the laser cutter milling... It's mostly like a mini studio but they do cram a lot of information at you in a short period of time. I've heard mix reviews from other students, the people that didn't like it was the ones who already knew a lot of the programs and lived in LA for a while. So they thought it was a huge waste of money. But on the other hand people who didn't have a lot of knowledge of the school and how the studio works it was basically a pre course to life at sci arc and LA. Plus you get to meet people from other classes. I think the m+m is a mix of undergrad and grad...

Mar 13, 13 7:01 am

Wow. Thanks. Thats good information. Im definitely not proficient in those softwares. But Im still not sure its alot of money and inconvenient timing. 

Mar 13, 13 7:35 pm
Im D S

what happens to the students who don't get through the M+M program ?

May 4, 13 12:23 pm

Typical "Fail ho gaye to kya hoga ?" Haha ... Chill, Its not a course and doesn't count towards your credit, so you cannot flunk it. It just tells you where you stand.

May 7, 13 4:17 pm
Im D S

Are you sure?? Cause in my acceptance letter they said " Your admission into the M Arch program is contingent upon your successful completion of the Making+Meaning SCI ARC Summer Foundation Program in Architecture" !!! so are you sure they don't throw you out if you don't do well ??

May 8, 13 12:14 pm

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