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Hello everyone!

Like many of the 2013 applicants, I'm still waiting for responses from a few more schools. But for now I'm seriously considering UCLA and Wash U as my top two choices. I've visited Wash U before and have seen students' work there so I kind of have a sense what their program is like (nice program). However I don't really see a lot of student work from UCLA website and I've never been there myself. 

Based on what I've read on this forum as well as other websites, UCLA seems to be more open-minded and deal with a lot of current issues in class. Can anyone inform me more specifically of what the experience at UCLA is like for someone who doesn't have an arch background? Any response would be very appreciated. :)

Mar 7, 13 4:52 pm

The first-year M.Arch I students at UCLA that don't have architecture backgrounds are generally doing quite well here.  There's an optional 2-week crash course in computer programs like Rhino that I would highly recommend taking before school starts... But the first quarter studio starts off with a project that is more object-based rather than a straightforward building design, so it levels the playing field, and everyone learns how to produce high-quality drawings and models together.  

Mar 23, 13 2:53 pm

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