Ecotect vs Project Vasari


I am a 4thyear student and I am starting to implement real environmental analysis. Unlike all analysis we usually do in school such as simple sun and wind analysis. I am looking into learning ecotect or Project Vasari. I have basic knowledge on project vasari, so far I know how to do thermal and wind analysis in it. I was wondering what program is better for environmental analysis. And how frequently are these programs used in office. I appreciate your help. 

Mar 2, 13 2:15 pm

Rhino plus grasshopper plus ladybug. Or Diva if you want to drop some cash

Mar 2, 13 8:23 pm

for environmental analysis??? 

Mar 2, 13 11:25 pm

Yes, absolutely.

Far superior to Ecotect (and lacking the known bugs with Ecotect's insolation model). Which is why we're in the process of switching.

Mar 4, 13 1:50 pm

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