Loads of Jobs!


If you don't have a job yet- join the army! Healthcare and student loans paid for! And since architects are dispensable... risk your life while you're at it... that should eliminate the competition... 

If you haven't sensed it already- I'm being terribly sarcastic... but please- do serve your country... to each his own.

Feb 26, 13 12:51 pm

Actually, I have several architect friends who have enjoyed interesting and rewarding careers practicing with the Corp. of Engineers.

To each his own.

Feb 26, 13 12:59 pm


You will just be lied into going to war on the format of trying to "protect democracy and our way of life" but really only fight for the interests of corporations, banks, our own lustful oil interests, and preasure from the powerful bible-thuming rednecks in the south along side Israel to kill as many Moslems as you can.  It's a win-win situation if you are a politician and banker in the south.

But it's a lose-lose situation if you are soldier in the American army.  I see many kids who are younger than me with blown off limbs and barely even able to function.  I wish I can appologize to them for being lied to.

Feb 26, 13 1:15 pm

My cousin is in the army corp of engineers.  He spends most of his time working on restoring wetlands.

Feb 26, 13 1:43 pm

Careful med - your personal agenda might be showing. Maybe you should sit down and compare notes with some of the 9/11 families.

Feb 26, 13 2:01 pm


Babs - are you truly suggesting that our guys went to war in Iraq to avenge "9-11." and because Iraq had involvement in 9-11?  Would absolutely love to be entertained by all your evidence of this.

I'm really hoping you didn't just try to claim that.  As much as I disagree with just about every single one of your elitists and self-righteous posts, I would at least think you are a little smarter than this.  Just saying.

And by the way - please entertain us to what our "personal agenda" is.

Feb 26, 13 2:32 pm

"your elitists and self-righteous posts" -- look in the mirror, pal !

Feb 26, 13 2:42 pm

Ok - tell us again about how Iraq was behind 9-11?  Please do enthrall us with your "accumen."

Feb 26, 13 2:50 pm

you tell us again where I once used the work "Iraq"  -  you pompous a**

Feb 26, 13 2:52 pm

Then clarify what you are even blabbering about before lecturing people like you always do.

Feb 26, 13 2:55 pm

"before lecturing people like you always do" -- again, med - perhaps a glance at the mirror might be useful

I'm out -- we've hijacked this thread enough.

Feb 26, 13 3:18 pm

its okay- i'm truly entertained :)

Feb 26, 13 3:53 pm

i don't think the military is going to be hiring all that much after the sequester.  from what i hear, they want to reduce their numbers through attrition rather than grow them. 

Feb 26, 13 4:01 pm

"I'm out -- we've hijacked this thread enough."


Feb 26, 13 4:12 pm

"i don't think the military is going to be hiring all that much after the sequester.  from what i hear, they want to reduce their numbers through attrition rather than grow them."


But all of the hawks from both sides of the political spectrum are trying to trick us into another dumb (and far worse) war - this time with Iran.  so this won't bode very well with that contingency who want this to be iminent....

Feb 26, 13 4:33 pm

yeah, let's base foreign policy decisions on a relatively small subset group of limited individuals. that's a great way to conduct policy. i bet if you asked those same 9/11 families if they preferred that thousands died for their loved ones if it was worth the debt, the sadness, and the long term asinine, and catastrophic foreign policy, this country was left to deal with, i could find numbers to rival those that say killing a handful of criminals was worth the effort.



Feb 26, 13 5:07 pm
Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) has been a great place for me to start my IDP while in school. Say what you will about government jobs and employees. Stable hours, decent pay, and learning from engineers & architects at my first job were all a plus in this job market. Just my $0.02
Feb 26, 13 5:29 pm

Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) 


One of my classmates was a commander in  (NAVFAC) her husband was a SEAL - team 6

Feb 26, 13 5:38 pm

Despite Bulgar's cynicism and med's diatribe against the US Military, I've known several chaps who started their architectural careers in the military. After completing their service commitment they ALL became highly desirable recruits of architectural firms focused on public sector work. Some internships are a bitch, but sometimes they do lead to decent career opportunities.

Feb 26, 13 8:40 pm

ummmm isn't the war ending?  haven't you heard of all the war veterans becoming unemployed when they get back from duty?  what makes you think you'll be hired at this time xDDD

Feb 26, 13 8:48 pm

most architects wouldn't pass the fitness test either anyway.. xP

Feb 26, 13 8:49 pm

"and med's diatribe against the US Military"


Mercifully since, I've made such "diatribes" against the US military you would be able to back it up.  Naturally you can't - you're just that absurd of person - not to mention propagandist.  Blame your teachers or parents on your lack of reading comprehension, not us.  I actually sympathise for our military - they are very young lads who are being lied to..

Grow up and learn not to be a liar.

Feb 26, 13 10:26 pm

Ya know I spent a few years in the military it was not that bad... a nice architectural degree with good grades gets you a nice commission as an officer in our military and believe what you want about the military for or against an officer position looks pretty damn nice for the they even let you fly expensive shit if you are good enough. A country needs military or you would not be a country.. the other country with the military will come and take your resources and exploit it better to be on top than at the bottom. It is always the people who never had to work hard that are so against the military that its all lies.. yeah the military does do the work for corporations that is just the world we are in.

Feb 26, 13 11:09 pm

I'm not against the military... I agree that it is necessary. I also believe it is an honorable thing to serve your country. However, I think that its sad that people need to sign a paper in which they affirm the risk of losing their lives all in order to pay back student loans or because they can't find a job in a bad economy. Is this what our world has come to- war being the "natural" way homo sapiens control their populations? I think that most people who are smart enough to get through a specialized and rigorous program like Architecture, Medicine, Law, or what have you are much devalued in a bad economy like this, and to go to the military (tax payers) and risk their lives in the process is just a notch above going to momma before starving on the street like a homeless guy on food stamps. I think that as much as the military is necessary, there are a lot more useful and less risky ways smart people like architects, lawyers, doctors etc. can be serving their country than to wear a uniform and bear arms. That is, unless you are smart hick and member of the NRA. 

Feb 27, 13 8:40 am

The US military is one of the most draconian, injust and unfair organizations out there. Not only will you end up helping on the most irrelevant wars and invasions, but when you are done you will be thrown out like a used tampon. I am glad we have a military, but the scale and scope is blown way out of proportion.

Feb 27, 13 12:46 pm

I use to work for an architect who was an ex marine - on my first day at the office he told me " I am here to tell you that you just made the biggest mistake of your life"

Feb 27, 13 1:32 pm

Any of you guys ever lived and worked in DC?

I would suggest clowns like Babs and File walk up to one of the dozens or so =verterans on the streets pan-handling for money that they would normally walk past and give a smug look to (as if they were criminals) how big of "patriots" they truly are.

By the way why is gas going up?  It's almost as if we need to invade another country.....  Iran maybe?  Oh wait......we are already beating those drums.

Feb 27, 13 1:53 pm

I think the 9-11 invasion to iraq was an excuse for daddy's boy Bush to finish off where daddy left. The world will never see Americans the same again for that move.

Feb 27, 13 3:16 pm

I think the US was the world's most hated nation in that period, and probably still are except for Great Britain and Australia who participated.

Feb 27, 13 3:20 pm

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