Holy Economy!


After more than 2.5 years of unemployment and various part time or short term contract positions, I was offered 4 jobs last week!  My head is spinning from all the phone calls and interviews I've gone on in just the past two weeks.  

Just thought I'd share some good news on a usually dreary forum.

Feb 25, 13 8:32 pm

Congrats! I too can attest first hand to this uptick.

Feb 25, 13 2:27 pm

I've had 3 interviews in the past 3 weeks (and have a great long term contract position right now) - definitely an uptick here in NYC.

Feb 25, 13 3:14 pm

I've been getting unsolicited emails from firms lately, and when I tell them I'm employed they've been offering part time work in off hours. It definitely does feel like things are picking up.

Feb 25, 13 7:31 pm

@shuellmi,  great!   assuming you only need 1 job, could you send me the other three?

Feb 25, 13 9:21 pm

exciting!  congrats!


things are picking up generally in the northeast.

Feb 25, 13 9:33 pm

Thats great guys! Just for information, are these senior, intermediate or junior positions?

Feb 25, 13 10:00 pm

Intermediate. A friend told me today that firm principals are now so desperate for people that they're contacting her on Facebook!

Feb 25, 13 10:17 pm

@sameolddoctor. I have 4 years professional experience which seems to be a sweet spot versus those who have recently graduated. I started looking 2.5 weeks ago. 8 interviews and 4 offers later I'm starting a great new job later this week. I had lots of success replying to advertisements on Archinect.

Feb 25, 13 10:40 pm

I was snatched up for a long term temp gig (rendering) within a week of being unemployed. I declare the recession officially over!

Feb 25, 13 10:46 pm

It seems like I might have to apply for intermediate jobs, though my experience is closer to that of a Senior Designer ...

Feb 25, 13 10:56 pm

This is really great news all around. Completely the opposite of last weeks McGraw Hill report that January constriction in down by 20% from both December and last Jan.

Feb 25, 13 10:59 pm

time to update my portfolio

Feb 26, 13 12:13 am

The term Holy economy sounds great and new for me excepts the posts written here i like it.

Feb 26, 13 6:40 am

Yes - I've had several firms try to pursue me over the last three months - trying to pull me away from my current firm.  I am mid-level too at roughly 8 years of experience.

Feb 26, 13 10:15 am

Let's hope the uptick continues and that whole sequestration thing fades into obscurity - we are done with politics.

Time to fly.

Feb 26, 13 10:17 am

I'm familiar with about five firms (two in NYC, two local firms here in Cincinnati, and one in Southern California) that have been on a hiring binge lately. All of them are mid-sized (about 50-75 people) that do work in a variety of market sectors. I'm also familiar with a couple other local firms of similar size that are still struggling, so I guess it's hit or miss out there.

Also, as a current M.Arch. student at DAAP, the process of finding co-op placements for myself and for my classmates has improved dramatically since I started the program in 2010, both in the quantity of openings and in the quality of firms with openings.

This makes me cautiously optimistic that my job search upon graduation won't be as painful as it might have been a couple years ago.

Feb 26, 13 11:33 am

This is good news for recent grads 2011 - 2013 - nor so good for those who graduated in 2007 - 2010 in the depths of the recession - many have been forced out of the field and many others have been shoved to the back of the line and have had to start over from scratch.

Feb 26, 13 11:45 am

you know who this is also not good news for?  recently deceased architects.   They totally missed out... 

Feb 27, 13 12:39 am

I had read an article can't remember think it was enr or McGraw hill, the article concerned the future use of revit and the just of it is that it advices firms to stock up on the revit talent ASAP. I think offices better get ready for what's coming. Anyways good news.

Feb 27, 13 8:48 am

The gist of it ...

Feb 27, 13 9:00 am

7 years Revit exp. Revit 8 - 2013 - own license getting 2014 soon

Feb 27, 13 1:11 pm

Hi Xenakis that's a long time . You got me beat by about a year. Not to say this is you but I've noticed that lots of people don't really know how to actually use revit to manage a project. That's something I think you either earn it on your own or have a guy like Xenakis teach it. I always get stuck because how can I explain how to do what have been doing for a very long time. I don't know if students and employers realize that to be good at revit it will take every bit of knowledge gained in other aspects of our profession.

Feb 27, 13 7:55 pm


Good question - I learned project management with BIM at SOM working on big commercial projects where we would have consultants to link in - and in one case, the prime was the SE - then later at AECOM where we worked on Kaiser hospitals. The Kaiser stuff is a real good example of how you have many disciplines in the same pool so to speak - OSPD? I think they have BIM management standards also California Dept. of State Architect. the problem is that I have been involved in heavy stuff like that since 2010 - I have been working on 42KSF TI stuff since then - I would like to get back to the big projects - with all the new major construction here in the Bay Area. 

Feb 27, 13 8:14 pm

Also - at SOM, I would sit in with structural engineering and also interiors - gained an interdisciplinary viewpoint that sure paid off when we needed to post in 6 hours and things didn't line up.

Feb 27, 13 8:29 pm

i believe you xenakis,  my prior comment was really more of an observation into our profession.  Probably best explained in person over a beer.

Feb 27, 13 9:05 pm

legopiece - I know - yeah a nice tall one @ Jupiters over in Berkeley

Feb 27, 13 9:09 pm

I've been flooded with work! I just got a job at the local taco shop, got an offer from enterprise rentacar, AND I got a gig spending an afternoon drawing as-builts for a deck at minimum wage!  This whole graduating top of my class, volunteering all the time, participating in networking groups is really paying off big time!

Sarcasm aside, I've only had a degree for two months so I can't really complain but I hope I get a piece of this awesome economy soon.

Feb 28, 13 1:51 pm

Which taco shop? Do they have good Carne Asada tacos?

Jokes apart, I wonder how many of these jobs are for domestic (US) projects, and how many for international projects...

Feb 28, 13 2:35 pm

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