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I am looking for CAD classes (besides AutoCAD) in the Chicago area. I just barely missed the whole, "computer design classes as required design tools" wave in school, and now that I've been working for a little bit I am looking to expand my skill set. I really want to learn as much computer design programs (that are useful now, and useful in the future) as I possibly can. Short of going back to school (not quite ready for that just yet) - does anyone have any suggestions? Last resort - I can hire a tutor, but I would prefer classes...

Nov 29, 07 10:58 am
vado retro

doesnt consulting for architects offer classes? or the local community college.

Nov 29, 07 11:01 am

thanks - I had no idea consulting for architects existed...might be what I am looking for. Wright college offers AutoCAD but nothing else for non-degree seekers...

Nov 29, 07 11:05 am

I missed that wave to - we werent allowed to use these new fandagled computers in my studios yet 2 years later it was all computerized. Go figure - academia for ya.

But I learned on the job - had good bosses interested in teaching. As for 3d - that I learned over months of weekends spent doing competitions with a book, practice makes perfect

Nov 29, 07 11:22 am

Try Oakton. They have evening courses in Autocad and Maya. Also a Saturday morning Rhino class.

Good luck!

Nov 29, 07 11:25 am

Consulting for Architects is basically a recruiting service for Autodesk and Autocad. You asked for classes "besides Autocad", right?

Nov 29, 07 11:27 am

Make - do you have to live in the district to enroll at Oakton, or COD or any of the others?

I did take an acad class in 98 at COD and it was pretty good for someone whos never used acad ever - but even a little experiance you might be better doing tutorials from the web and getting a good book. Or team up for a competition with people who know different programs than you - its like being in studio and learning off each other then.

Nov 29, 07 11:30 am

yes - I've got AutoCAD skills enough...we're using 2008 in the office right now, but that's all we use. oakton looks really good - but not on the CTA-could take the PACE bus it looks like. I don't have a car, might be able to find a buddy though and convince them to go with me. will see - thanks for the info.

Nov 29, 07 11:31 am

What do you want to learn?

Nov 29, 07 11:37 am

good question -
want to learn revit, but as far as anything else I don't know. Everyone seems to have multiple opinions on what is the best design tool...In perusing job ads; what I see the most under the "requirements" is AutoCAD, FormZ, Revit...but that 's just for starters I suppose.

Nov 29, 07 11:43 am

Mr. Platypus is right. I use four different CAD programs and I learned them on my own. I take that back, I went to a colleague's in Ann Arbor 3 times for a learning sessions for one application. But it's good to be part of an effective network where questions can be quickly answered and best practices shared. Web sites work sometimes but there's no substitute for in person knowledge. I'd love to learn Rhino. I have the new Mac beta and the 4.0 book.

Again, what do you want to learn?

Nov 29, 07 11:44 am

Revit is being offered in Skokie at Oakton. You can take the CTA and get there.

Nov 29, 07 11:45 am

Revit is a bit of a beast - prob good idea to start with a basic intro class to using the program then get the book and practice practice practice. I wouldnt hurt to have a copy of it at home -

Nov 29, 07 11:52 am

I'll teach you for 100.00 per hour and you will know everything you need to know in three hours.

Nov 29, 07 12:04 pm

Has anyone ever had experience with IMAGINiT Training courses?

They are offering a 3day intensive intro course to Revit next month and i was considering it. Price tag is outrageous though (IMO) : $1225.

Jan 17, 08 1:57 pm

just say no to autodesk, good idea

Jan 17, 08 5:09 pm

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