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Hello, I'm a Spanish students who's quite lost about where to study... I can't find a good ranking about architecture schools that helps me in my decision. Do you know any webpage where I could find it? Or maybe you could tell me. I've applied to Bath University (UK), Edinburgh (UK), Politecnica de Madrid and considering Internacional de Catalunya, but I'm not closed to any new university. I'm not even sure about my current choices. How can I compare?

As far as I've seen, architecture courses in Spain and those in the rest of Europe are quite different: Spanish architects are far more "engineer" than the others. English schools are more focused on design. I suppose each country has got its own style. What is better? I don't want to be like the x thousands unemployed architects in Spain. What is more demanded in the world? What kind of course should I choose? Which one will prepare me better to real world, give me practices or what I need to avoid joining the unemployment list?

I hope someone can help me :) Thank you anyway!!

Feb 22, 13 1:34 pm

These vary somewhat, however your best option would be to analyse the course programmes and see where your passions / career focus lies. 

Have you decided on any university yet? I'm a architect looking to read for a masters in architecture in England next year, so similar to you I am searching for a well suited MAsters programme. 

Jun 6, 13 6:55 am

want to become employed? Don't become another one of them skilled in making fancy renderings and graphics only.  I'd think your 'engineering' focused education from Spain would make you employable around the world because there are waaayyy too many thousands of so called architects who'd fail miserably when asked to actually 'build' something. 

Jun 6, 13 1:15 pm

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