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Hi all I'm going to euro for 5-7 weeks this summer from june 1 to mid/late july. I am an grad architecture student so it is super important for me to spend as much of this trip exposed to great/classic buildings from old to new and a wide range of styles, and landscapes (but i'm sure the view will be gorgeous wherever i go). As a student i obvi have a limited budget and will be doing this in a very frugal manner. I want to be in a 3-4 grand budget, and def no more than than 4000. I am not interested in shopping or partying. I want culture, charm, safety (as i willhave be going alone), and authenticity, oh and food too! As of now i have a route in mind, and would appreciate it if you all could help me track down a few amazing things to see (other than the obvi when one knows from tour booksstuff and arch school, like thermal vals or la sagrada familia). I am also torn between some cities due to time so ur input on that would be nice. I'm also worried about too much of the same thing. Like if two certain cities are way similar to each other. Most of the selected is due to route, some biggest i just heard great things. I am open to recommendations. I've been to scandinavia so that region will not be included, as well as rome and venice and paris. Thanks for making this once in a life time trip possible! Leg 1: lisbon vs porto portugal sevilla spain Granada spain barcelona spain Leg 2: Marsielles france nice, france Eze,france monaco,monaco Leg 3: brussels, belgium Brugge, belgium gent, belgium rotterdam vs amsterdam holland Utrech holland maastricht holland Cologne germany Leg 4: dresden germany Budapest hungary vs berlin germany prague czech vs vienna austria cesty krumlov, czech Leg 5: Istanbul, turkey Sofia, bulgaria plovdiv, bulgaria belgrade, serbia novi sad, serbia sarajevo, bosnia Dubrovnik, croatia Bari, italy Pompei, italy naples, italy (mixed feelings on italy part, is this too much like rome?)

Feb 21, 13 3:45 am

Český Krumlov: airplane bar!

Feb 21, 13 10:36 am

you could spend an entire lifetime in Rome and still not study all its treasures.

Feb 21, 13 8:24 pm

Too little money, too much territory.

Identify the things you really want to see. Pick a few locations (Florence, Barcelona, Paris) and find a cheap place to in each to use as a base of operations. Branch out for overnighters if necessary (Ronchamp is +5 hours from Paris). Take your time and experience each place rather than blowing through it in a rush. It not how much territory you cover but how well you cover the territory you visit.

Next time I go to Japan I'm not leaving Kyoto. Except of course to go to back to Nara (1 hour train). Daitoku-ji!

Feb 21, 13 9:01 pm

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