Looking for a job in Australia

Hello everyone Im junior architect - engineer looking for a job in Australia. Perhaps somebody have some expirience or can give some  advice how to find job in Aus  i will  appreciate it . 

Feb 18, 13 6:49 pm

Where abouts in Australia? I have contacts in Sydney

Feb 19, 13 3:49 pm

Hey Marina! I have recently discovered Archinect and just seen your post.

Have you gone to Australia? If so, how easy have you found getting work?

I have been hoping to go over there from the UK for work. I would be a Graduate Architect over there, I have a Working Holiday visa (meaning I can work for an employer for no more than 6 months). However the research I have done so far is rather inconclusive with some architects saying things are dire out there, and some architects saying they are busy. A few of them have said there are a lot of graduates looking for work. Not sure it is positive enough for me to go to the other side of the world for! However I can't stay here in the UK (things are too slow over here with WAY too much competition for Part II work) so I am going to need to go somewhere - even if it is not Oz.

Would be really helpful to hear what your experiences have been!

May 8, 13 8:05 am

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