Employment Skills Test

I think it makes sense to do a test. Might save pain for both you and the employee. But I find that the person you want is a smart person w a good attitude who is willing to learn and chip in where their help is needed- hopefully wo you having to ask.
Feb 22, 13 11:24 am

What would be summary after this. Does Employment Skill Test should me made mandatory or not???  

May 8, 17 3:00 am
Non Sequitur
^no. The summary is: it depends.
May 8, 17 6:20 am

Reading all of these had me alot of ideas...

May 8, 17 8:23 pm

Really but nobody replied my answer i stay in buford georgia looking for employer screening agency. so how to gather information, where to look for them 

May 9, 17 6:57 am
Non Sequitur

Maybe try moving to a real city with an active architecture market?


Thanks everyone for the comment. Looking for a employer recruitment firm for drug testing and drug screening  

May 11, 17 5:35 am

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