I am genuinely scared


I write this post in middle of the night here on eastcoast because I cannot sleep! I am scared, scared that I am going on a wrong path. I don't know what to do!! So heres some background: I am 4th architecture student from ny pursuing a b.arch. I work ina big corporate construction company ..well intern in a construction company. I mainly work onlogistics and site safety plan. Now I have been working here from one and a half years, its a great place and I learn a lot. Besides this job I have never had a construction/arch related job. I love what ppl do here, its exciting to see how construction side works. Now what kills me is that I decided to go in that direction and some day climb up the ladders and be a project manager but if I choose that then I will never get involved in design process. I am spending 5yrs for what? I waa thinking I can open a firm with an architect as partner. I dont know if thats something possible. Now you might think hey what's the big deal! Quit this job and get an internship at arch firm! But thing is I see my current employer as a potential full time employer. Its a great company and I dnt want to miss that opportunity. But if I dnt work at an arch firm till I graduate and then decide to work for arch firm after graduating, wouldn't it be hard to transition. From construction company to arch firm. I am not complaining here about current job or anything, I am just scared j might not be hired if I don't have architecture related experience such as cds. But then qgain there are people withino experience straight out of school. I feel lost and I see my classmates who just don't give a shit. I love. I sincerely apologize if nothinf here makes sense.

Feb 16, 13 12:34 pm
Sleep is good. Sometimes so is beer or bourbon.

If you like your job, it's not a liability. If you want a more traditional architecture job later, you're not less likely to get one because of this job.

Unless you become too expensive, that is: You very well may be making more right now than an equally experienced peer in architecture.

Get some sleep.
Feb 16, 13 1:22 pm

In hindsight, I wish I had the experience you are going through, your experience is an asset, not a deficit. You are young, I assume, and you have a whole lifetime ahead of you. Mistakes are part of this life we decide to pursue, make them early, and move on fast to the next ones. You are doing fine, keep it up, and your classmates, the ones that don't give a shit, well they'll continue to suck ass and soon enough, they'll be the ones calling you boss, and buying your coffee.

Feb 16, 13 1:31 pm

Let's see: a few months from a BA, got a good entry job in a closely related field ... definitely time to panic.

Especially since your construction experience is infinitely more valuable to an architect than anything you could possibly learn in architecture school.

Feb 16, 13 2:11 pm

He's actually a year from his bachelor's because he's pursuing a b.arch and not a b.a..

Feb 16, 13 2:30 pm

Relax -- you're fine. As someone who has spent a substantial part of my career interviewing and hiring young architectural candidates, I can tell you that your current experience will stand up well should you decide to pursue employment opportunities in architecture. Of course, your portfolio will count too -- but very few young graduates have the sort of technical experience you are gaining. You should consider your current work as an asset.

Feb 16, 13 2:33 pm
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wrong forum.

Feb 16, 13 2:35 pm

I wish I could hug each of you, this means a lot to me. Last night i was just devastated. to answer some questions, I am 21 and pursuing B.arch. I was writing that post from my phone and fell asleep while writing and posted it in morning.

your response means a lot to me! thank you :)

Feb 16, 13 5:39 pm

I went through a similar process, working in the construction industry for several years before going to a traditional design firm. I really value the technical experience and I think it has put me in front of many of my peers in terms of construction and PM knowledge.

That being said, when I made the transfer, I took a decent paycut, and I also had to put in a lot of time putting together an updated folio and doing competitions and projects outside of work to keep my design juices flowing. Several firms I interviewed with regarded me with suspicion, as it's more rare to see people from the construction side to cross over the the design side. I'm really lucky that I get to work with great people who didn't pigeon-hole me as "technical" guy, so I have gotten to do lots of great "pure" design work as well as CDs, DDs, and now some CA stuff.

My advice would be to stick with the job you like and soak up as much experience as you can, but keep designing on the side and working your folio so you don't lose those skills.

Feb 16, 13 5:43 pm

I am starting to do some competitions now to improve my portfolio. I have thesis next year so that should help in portfolio too.

I highly appreciate everyone's help.

Feb 20, 13 9:37 am

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