What am i doing and What should i do. (Long reading ahead)

syed zaman

Hello everyone,

First thanks in advance for reading the whole story.

I am studying architecture in a college which will lead me to uni in second year since my grade is not good enough for direct entry to architecture. So yeah, i am going to a college to make my way to uni. But the problem is, this college is teaching me a lot of stuff which my friends at uni didnt learn in their first year program. Its not that i dont like them its actually i dont know how these learning can help me to do better in the coming years. So here is what i am learning now

Visual language: teaching us how we can express through different method such as hand crafted posters, designs, cards etc.

Ways of seeing: developing our method of critically viewing an object.

Image experimenting: we r learning how to develop ideas from words and emotion

So yeah, they are not teaching us any software other than Illustrator and InDesign. But my friends are already learning Rhino and 3d max at uni.

So if you guys come forward and advice me on what to do to prepare myself for second year uni. Btw i will have a 5months break before i go to uni.


Feb 15, 13 9:49 am

I didn't go to architecture school to learn software. You can do that anytime you want.

There is a real problem out there in architecture schools right now - students believe that in order to succeed in life as an 'architect', that they must learn Rhino, Revit, Max, etc... That is a fallacy. You go to architecture school to learn how to think like an architect, and design.

Feb 15, 13 11:27 am

You must integrate your architectural learning simultaneous with learning Rhino, Revit, Grasshopper,Max and Maya - that's the solution to the problem - It's Matrix math - 

Feb 15, 13 11:59 am

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