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I'm a first year architecture student and have been thinking about studying abroad in Rome. I would probably do it for about a semester (most-likely during my third year). It has many benefits, such a looking good on a resume and increasing ones cultural diversity/knowledge (just to list a few). But there is a little price difference, and I would be away from home for awhile. I've been to Italy before on a senior trip that was a little over a week and I throughly enjoyed it. Although, studying abroad is a little different from a week visit as a tourist. I have a few years to think about it, but if anyone has studied abroad and want to share their experiences or advice that would be great. Thanks!

Feb 13, 13 4:36 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I personally think everyone should spend a minimum of 3 months studying or living abroad. You will learn more about yourself, than you will learn about your studies, but it will be invaluable.

When I studied abroad, in Rome, for a full semester, I actually saved money.

Feb 13, 13 4:59 pm

Everybody I know who has done a semester in Rome, or anywhere in Europe, has loved it, and they talk about it as adults.  The best thing about Europe, in addition to the visual experiences, is all the funny stories you will come back with..  Personally, I would not want to do it because I like to travel for travel's sake and because I would worry that I would want to keep sightseeing and not do my school work.  But, for most people, I recommend it.  The only thing to consider is, if you are at a state school, if that will change your residency status.  It doesn't hurt to ask. 

And, if you're a woman, do you really want to study "a  broad?"  And for anyone considering an exchange program across the Pacific, make sure it's a "youth in Asia" deal rather than its more dire sounding "cousin."

Feb 13, 13 5:11 pm

Hi everyone!
I also think that 3months is a good period to enjoy and learn about a different country and culture. Regarding Rome, it is a nice choice, there is so much to see and do. If you want tips or advises on this cities I suggest you to check this site, it is really helpful plus there are videos :)
hope you will enjoy your experience abroad!

Feb 15, 13 4:37 am
Tinbeary There there

Yes, you should absolutely do it! I loved studying abroad and use it often. I have clients from overseas that appreciate the ability to see things in other terms.

Feb 15, 13 4:54 am

Reasons to Study Abroad

Here are 5 excellent reasons why you should take the plunge:

1. Study abroad is a great way to learn a foreign language:
2. Study abroad provides the opportunity to travel:
3. Study abroad allows you get to know another culture first-hand:
6. Study abroad helps you to learn about yourself:
7. Study abroad expands your worldview:

Aug 29, 13 2:35 am

This is a silly question, without a doubt yes, though I would recommend doing an exchange over a study abroad.

Aug 30, 13 3:27 pm


I studied abroad 2 summers in a roll for study aboard courses through the University of Maryland. 1st trip was 5 weeks in Greece and the next summer was to Italy. After these two summer study abroad trip during my undergraduate degree, I went for another 1.5 year / 3 semester in Florence for a post-bac certificate at an art school. 

The reason for me doing so was to know more of who I am, be independent, travel and also the idea of knowing that I would be focusing in architecture graduate school with/out a life gave me an excuse to mellow out before jumping into misery...

Best experience of my life so far was while I was in Europe.  Take advantage while you can.  As one of my favorite teacher (psychology) says, stay in school as long as you can because when you graduate you will work till you retire.

My advice for you is, look up and see if your school offer summer study abroad. and if you enjoy it, take a full semester there. It may cost more money but it is safer than being stuck a full semester and hate the situation while being abroad, which I have seen happen to a few weaklings...

Aug 31, 13 8:16 pm

Did people have trouble concentrating on studios and ancillary coursework when in cities like Rome, Copenhagen, London, etc., in which there was so much to be explored - architecturally, historically, culturally, and even on a culinary level?

Sep 1, 13 3:46 am

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