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I am currently waiting for the decision for these 5 universities for PhD program in Architecture which focused on Computational Design. Please help me to rank these universities on the account of : The Overall Rank of The University, and the Rank of the program itself. As far as I looked on internet, some of them gave me as follow:

1. University of Washington - Seattle

2. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

3. Virginia Tech

4. Clemson University 

5 Illinois Institute of Technology


I have been accepted for number 4 and 5, and still waiting for the decision for number 1,2,3. Please help me to rank them in your own opinion. 

Feb 12, 13 1:29 am

1. University of Michigan

2. University of Washington

3. Virginia Tech

4. / .5  IIT / Clemson (tie)

My opinion.  U.Mich. has had  a PhD program in architecture for a longer time than some of these others, it seems.  It also seems that, with more PhDs in architecture, less M.Archs. will be able to teach on tenure tracks, I would imagine.

Feb 12, 13 9:34 pm

Thanks for your reply Observant. I am still waiting for the decision of university 1 2 3.

But I saw some website reference, such as

It mention that Clemson is much higher rank that IIT . It even slightly higher than Virginia Tech. Although I know that for overall school rank, VT is higher that Clemson. 

But no doubt, as you mention before, UMich is the best among them. I really hope I can be accepted in that Uni. 

Mar 6, 13 5:13 am

Look at the areas of specialization and faculty you could be working with on developing your research, not the ranking.  It may be great if a school publishes a lot of research, but if it's all about perfecting sustainable bathrooms for ADA compliance, it won't really help your computational focus.  Given what you're interests are, I'd rank them the same way observant did.

Mar 6, 13 12:46 pm

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