what counts as a good aid package?



I just received acceptance to Tulane's m.arch 1 program; the acceptance letter said I would receive a 10K merit scholarship and 10K TAship.

Is this considered average? Good? Can I negotiate much once other offers come in?

20k sounds nice, but after living costs I'd be in 100k of debt by the end. Not cool.


Any feedback is appreciated.

Feb 11, 13 10:14 pm

Holy shit, you already received an admittance letter? That was quick lol

Can't properly answer your question since I have no experience in the matter (I don't get decisions until March-April). However, I am curious on how you got your aid package. Most schools have FAFSA and a university scholarship application. I finished my FAFSA, but I am having a hard time finding motivation to do the university scholarship app since I don't even know if I'm admitted. So, did you do both or just FAFSA? 

Feb 11, 13 11:44 pm

I didn't do FAFSA for tulane, or really furnish that much in the way of financial details at all. It was just a merit-based scholarship and a TAship offer.

Feb 12, 13 12:16 am
wurdan freo

100k of debt sucks. Period.

I wouldn't do that to myself if I were you.

Feb 12, 13 3:42 pm

yes you can negotiate. i would do it now rather than later, before other people start negotiating and they give their money away.

100,000 is indeed really bad. try to keep it to 1 year of your salary: 55,000. calculate in summer income.

Feb 12, 13 5:31 pm

I definitely won't be accepting unless I can negotiate seriously. American debt-culture ain't my thing.

Feb 12, 13 5:53 pm

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