IIT Undergrad? Yes or No?


I'm currently in high school and have been accepted into IIT (Illinois) with a half-tuition scholarship for a B. Arch. The only thing is that I've heard really good and really bad things about the school, but I don't fully believe random college advice sites. Can someone help me straighten it out? 

Feb 7, 13 10:28 pm
Dr. Architecture

Having worked at IIT as the assistant dean from 1994-2001, I can certainly share that IIT is a very good program.  The upside is Crown Hall and studying a 10 minute L ride from downtown Chicago.  You study with the legacy of Mies and have faculty mostly from Chicago firms teaching you.

The downside is the number of students (~800) and the campus is not like a true university, but those are minor issues.

Visit the college and interact with current students to see if it is a good fit.

Feb 8, 13 7:33 am

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