What is cheaper...


Buying land and then building a house on it, or buying the entire property?

Feb 7, 13 12:02 pm

It depends!

Feb 7, 13 12:22 pm
wurdan freo

Neither one is cheap. Depend-ing on the market, one may be less expensive than the other. 

Feb 7, 13 12:30 pm

super plus absorbency.  why would anyone buy regular or just super absorbency?  do some people prefer a little leakage?

Feb 7, 13 12:49 pm

Living in a $15 a night hotel.

Feb 7, 13 1:01 pm

What is less painfull: thousand soft slaps to your sack, or one brick to your face? Depends on how you wear your depends.

Feb 7, 13 2:58 pm

"why would anyone buy regular or just super absorbency?"

Same cost/benefit analysis comes into play as when deciding to buy one ply toilet paper. Sure, you are cleaning poo from your nails, but you saved a pretty penny.

Feb 7, 13 3:02 pm

I dunno, Rusty... "a thousand soft slaps to your sack" could be kinda nice, depending on how soft the slaps are, and who's doing the slapping. 

I remember this one time... [DELETED BY ARCHINECT MODERATORS]

Feb 7, 13 3:09 pm

Depends on how incontinent you are.

Feb 7, 13 3:10 pm

Idk it depends on what you want.  Buying Land and during the construction management yourself to see where can spend more and and where you can save. It depends if you know construction techniques and material assemblies. Basically if you're an Architect or a real Construction manager you have the "possibility" of spending less.

You can also  buy a cheap home and renovate and add additions.  Or you can buy a home with murder history. 

The answer to your question is IT DEPENDS.


Feb 7, 13 3:36 pm

Its less about what is cheaper, and more about what provides you with more equity. Again, it depends.

Feb 7, 13 5:46 pm

in either case you should buy the entire property

Feb 7, 13 5:49 pm

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