2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!


I don't know, I would call them. I would ask them if you can send them more information about your previous courses, work experience, portfolio, etc that matches the prerequisites for being eligible? Good luck!

Feb 26, 13 6:36 pm

i applied to three schools:  1) yale [m.arch ll].  2) harvard [m.arch ll];  3) columbia [ms.aad]

i have not heard back from any...i guess i'll have to wait...

if any of you have any insights, please share :(

Feb 26, 13 7:16 pm


i applied to those same schools, as i did last year (but unable to attend then)... I received a GSD email on March 2nd, which was a Friday... so i'm guessing we will start hearing officially from the Ivy's starting this Friday, which will be the 1st... but I heard YSOA sent out early admissions to their MED program in early Feb... 

i know how you're feeling... this wait is such torture and am being impatient myself as well... let me know if you hear from the big dogs

good luck to us =)

Feb 26, 13 7:32 pm

Good luck guys!

Feb 26, 13 7:41 pm

thank you @leif.estrada and @juventus7

i've heard about early admissions and the interviews.. 

i just hope that these schools will notify everyone at once (admissions, rejections, waitlists)... if not, i will have to avoid this forum lol..

this is so torturing.

Feb 26, 13 8:00 pm

Got email from IIT Chicago with Advanced Standing as well! Congrats fellow applicants!

Still waiting on more! But I saw on GradCafe that someone already got rejected from Virginia Tech "via website", where do you check your status? My application form is the only thing that comes up in the page.


Feb 26, 13 8:33 pm

Just received an e-mail from UCLA notifying my admission to their M.Arch 1 program. :)

So here is a question, should the financial aid information also included in the e-mail?

Feb 26, 13 11:13 pm
Jono Lee

UCLA (M.Arch I) - Full fellowship of 23k/ for 3 years offered! Just notified moments ago...

Feb 26, 13 11:13 pm


I saw that on Grad Cafe but am still waiting on some info from Virginia Tech (and a few others) but when I log in I do not see an application status. Has anyone heard from UVA or Catholic University? I am still holding out from Yale, but am wishing that a couple of other schools would pipe up in order to make the wait easier.

Feb 26, 13 11:44 pm

Also got the unofficial email from IIT Chicago with Advanced Standing (into 2nd year, 4 semesters left). They say "international applicants will receive admission letters via email within two weeks, which will provide details on any conditions on their admission."

Feb 26, 13 11:50 pm
By when do Schools usually want to receive your decision wether you take their offer or not?
Feb 26, 13 11:50 pm


USC : 15th March

UIC: 15 April

Don't know yet about the others, but I think usually they give us 3-4 weeks to decide.

Feb 27, 13 12:00 am


UVA said applicants will receive notification of admission on March 11th. Everyone hold on tight!

Feb 27, 13 12:42 pm

I'm losing my mind! Applied to UC Denver and Berkeley, haven't heard from neither:( 
I have been secured a full scholarship for 2 years to UCD, but no funding to Berkeley.. I have applied for some scholarships and grants tho, will know about them later in the spring.

Does anyone know anything about UCD and the MArch-program? It sounds good but I haven't been able to find anyone who actually went there or knows anything about it..
Berkeley is my dream school but I don't want to graduate with a massive debt..:/ 

Well, I have to be accepted first! 


Feb 27, 13 2:51 pm


how can you secure a full scholarship without getting accepted first? just wondering... but i know what you mean... been refreshing my email, this thread and gradcafe's for updates... even if it's not an email regarding my admissions, i get excited for the people getting their acceptances

Feb 27, 13 3:03 pm


It's from a private donor.. of course it only applies if I'll be accepted. Haha I do exactly the same, refresh my email and gradcafe at least every 2 minutes.. Can't focus on work at all! 

Feb 27, 13 3:08 pm
elm walk

Has anyone heard from the AA - interview or decision?

Feb 27, 13 3:10 pm


wow, congrats!!! i got me a private donor too, so i know how it feels right now... this wait is such torture... i applied last year, but ended up deferring... i feel like there's so much pressure the second time around... *sigh*

good luck everyone!!! i gotta stay off the coffee during the next week or so, making me more shakey

Feb 27, 13 3:21 pm

Got accepted from UCLA. No financial aid. I am guessing they don't give money to international student that easily. Waiting to hear from other schools


The wait is really torturing being a man from the opposite time zone... 

Feb 27, 13 3:24 pm
Dima Srouji

@Columbus13 I think the AA has late applications coming in mid March. I'm assuming they wait till those are reviewed before responding to all applicants. (They're also very unorganized) 

Feb 27, 13 3:25 pm


CU-Denver - If I had to do it again, that's where I would have gone.

Pros:  it's urban enough and DEN is a livable second-tier city, it's not full of its pretentious self, it has internship opportunities within the credit load of the degree (toward the end), it is accredited

Cons:  it has gone through some bumpy philosophical and management swings, its curriculum used to be more "bread and butter," it is not that highly ranked, being in the shadow of the main Boulder campus, but accomplishes the purpose.

If you don't get Berkeley, be happy with CU-Denver.  Like most curricula, it's what YOU make of it.  You are responsible for your own education, so to speak.

Feb 27, 13 3:27 pm

what is the AA

Feb 27, 13 3:29 pm


American Airlines or Alchoholics Anonymous.  I know the former personally.  Not so with the latter.

I was wondering the same thing.

Feb 27, 13 3:32 pm
New ARch


It is an architecture school in london. I guess it is ranked 1 in EU.

Feb 27, 13 3:34 pm


Thanks and congrats to you too! So you got in last year? At least you know where you stand then, surely you'll get in this year as well. I'm from Europe so I have absolutely no idea what are the standards and was my application very good or very bad..


Thanks for the info! I would probably enjoy living in Denver as I'm very outdoorsy person and love sports, I hear it's the place to be if you're into things like that.. I'll definitely be happy with UCD if I won't get into Berkeley, but if I do get into both it's going to be a tough decision!

good luck everyone!

Feb 27, 13 3:48 pm
Dima Srouji

Just got an email from Yale. Online status has been updated. Class of 2016 for sure :)

Feb 27, 13 5:06 pm

Rejected by Yale via website. First one, so it stings. 

Feb 27, 13 5:10 pm


same here. it hurts.

Feb 27, 13 5:10 pm

when do you yale will send financial aid info?

Feb 27, 13 5:17 pm

Rejected at yale!

Feb 27, 13 5:36 pm
Jono Lee


 Same here!


Feb 27, 13 5:42 pm


4real. It wasn't like I wasn't expecting it. My GPA (non-arch) is like a 2.67. How Umichigan was crazy enough to put me on their waitlist is beyond me. To be considered at any of these schools is already asking a lot, I'll take what I can get!!

Feb 27, 13 6:17 pm

Rejected at Yale

Feb 27, 13 6:35 pm

congrats disro

Feb 27, 13 6:46 pm

Congrats to those accepted to Yale and other great schools! Just joining the conversation, but I've been lurking for a while. Rejected at Yale, waitlisted at UTSOA, accepted at RISD, VT, and UMich! Still waiting on about 10 other programs (I know, applied to a bit too many). Are many of you waiting on a bunch more schools?

Feb 27, 13 6:48 pm

To all the UMich admits, is this for the 2-year or 3-year, (both good)?  Congrats again!

Feb 27, 13 6:56 pm

@observant - I am 3+ year track, you? Are you coming from an arch background? I have an art semiotics background. So excited about UMich, it's been one of my top choices for a while.

Feb 27, 13 6:58 pm

Got in Yale MArch 1!!!!! Good luck everyone!!!!

Feb 27, 13 7:23 pm

@yyymmm congrats! will you be heading there for sure?

Feb 27, 13 7:29 pm

did anybody who was accepted to UMich receive additional information yet?

Feb 27, 13 7:31 pm

Kelena:  I did 3+ M.Arch., a number of years ago, and am living through this thread vicariously.  I'm excited for you, too.

Feb 27, 13 7:33 pm

@observant, where did you study?/did you enjoy your experience? Are you enjoying where you are at in your career now?

I still have to squeeze in 2 pre-reqs for UMich (which makes me slightly nervous bc they start so early!)

I've realized that many architects are a bit jaded by the money/expectations of the field. I've clearly decided to continue on this path anyway :)

Feb 27, 13 7:39 pm


School of UMich caliber.  LOL.  The experience?  Loved the curriculum because it was so interesting after my initial education.  About 80% of the profs were good to excellent.  We had a not so great 3 year class.  I once spoke to a prof with knowledge of the 3 year program.  He said that 'every 5 years, I get a class like yours where the chemistry isn't great.'  Many people were coming back after TOO LONG out in the workforce, giving up good careers, some had spouses/families, and were overly stressed.  I made some good friends in the 3 year class a year ahead, in the 3 year class a year behind, and in the 2 year M.Arch. grads, from all over the country and the world.

I found this sad because we had a group of people who all had different career interests in architecture, and were targeting different parts of the country, so no one would be intersecting professionally.  The 3+ M.Arch. should be a blast, with a lot of diversity under one roof, not to mention additional maturity.  I think the feeling of being at a well-liked school like UMich will bolster the feeling of pride for you and your group.

Yes, I'm glad I did it.  The income does eventually reach a tenable middle class level.  I've worked in several firms, which were small to medium-sized, so I got a lot of responsibility early on and followed projects from beginning to end.  I've seen some eye-opening stuff with clients, consultants, and other employees.  At this time, we are not able to bill/charge 40 hrs. to our time sheets to keep our jobs, so everyone's salaries have been proportionately reduced ... to keep us on board.  I've often wondered what it would have been like to work at one of the big firms with large institutional projects, but I don't think that's in the cards.

Feb 27, 13 8:02 pm

Got an email from Yale!! Accepted!!

Feb 27, 13 8:49 pm

North Carolina State decisions are online if anyone applied

Feb 27, 13 8:55 pm


UMich sent me an email yesterday with merit scholarship info: 30k/yr for 2 yrs (for the 3 yr program, I'm out of state).

Feb 27, 13 9:19 pm

So does anyone think we'll hear from Harvard by the end of the week? They released decisions on March 1 last year.

Waiting on: Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Penn, UVA, Parsons, Pratt

Feb 27, 13 9:37 pm
Abhinav Sunil

@j.maher thanks for letting us know.

I got into North Carolina State March..My first acceptance- really Excited. They have not mentioned anything regarding the financial aid though..does that mean i am not considered for aid or they will let me know later?

Feb 27, 13 9:46 pm

Rejected at Yale... :`(  congrats on those who got accepted!! Do you think ill have a chance at GSD, Penn, Berkeley if I got rejected at Yale?

Feb 27, 13 9:49 pm

@calamist- awesome! I'm still waiting, I think will call tomorrow and inquire. 


@observant- Well, it sounds like you have enjoyed your path in life so far, and it sounds like  you have had some opportunities to do some wonderful things with your career. For my undergrad, I had the amazing opportunity to meet people that I really clicked with, and I hope that i find the same thing for my masters. I rarely found that before college, and not so much after. The hope is that my masters allows me to be surrounded and immersed in a community of like minds, (although diverse of course!) with similar goals. I think a program is best defined by the students. I'm happy that you were able to connect with people from other years. 

Are there still things you are hoping to accomplish with your career? I have many ideas of where I want my career to go, but of course life is not that predictable. 

(thank you for your response by the way!)

Feb 27, 13 9:52 pm

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