2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!


AHHHHHHHHHHH GOT INTO PENNN! no idea no happy I AM!!!!!!

Mar 14, 13 12:07 pm

Accepted to UPenn with advanced standing and 10k/yr!

Mar 14, 13 12:12 pm
Jono Lee
Were you guys notified by email?
Mar 14, 13 12:13 pm


on your log in page at the bottom it should say "decision letter is now available"

Mar 14, 13 12:17 pm

I swore I had no chance at UPENN! Can't believe I'm in!! BUT I have to go over the summer for an extra studio class (june21-August16)  =[ I guess it's better than nothing!

Anyone else have to go earlier??

Mar 14, 13 12:19 pm

In at U Penn, but too expensive with about $7000 in assistance per year.

Mar 14, 13 12:24 pm

aaaaannnd I got accepted to Penn! M. Arch II is up for Penn! (or is it UPenn?)

So far:

In: GSAPP MSADD, Penn M. Arch II

Waiting: Pratt

Mar 14, 13 12:28 pm
deals on wheels

In to UPenn... (+ UVA and Mich). !


@Tanuja: I don't have to take the summer studio, but I would need to take a physics class before enrolling... I guess a B- in mechanics freshman fall five years ago doesn't quite cut it... :p

Mar 14, 13 12:38 pm

@deals on wheels

you should call and verify that b/c I have taken a history of arch. class but it says I need to still. The guy at admissions told me to email someone who checks pre-reqs and see if I can get it waved. I'm taking general physics right now so I'm hoping that works.

Mar 14, 13 12:45 pm

Congrats! Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make it to the open house, currently living and working in NYC so timing and funds are limited. I was hoping to hear anyone's experiences of the program and Eugene as it will be a change of pace for me and I can't make it out there. How about yourself?
Mar 14, 13 12:47 pm


Yea I will be out there just booked my flight, Oregon is my top choice , I also applied to UW seattle but haven't heard back yet, so Im assuming I got rejected. I was hoping that someone would also share theyre experiences about the program as well, but I guess Ill find out at the open house. Yea tickets to Eugene are not exactly cheap. 

Mar 14, 13 12:56 pm

Congrats guys!

Any last news from Berkeley? Why don't they just end this desperate illusion of mine...

Mar 14, 13 1:37 pm
Abhinav Sunil

Nothing from UBC, UofT, McGill ....awwwaahhhhhhhhhhhh :( :(

Mar 14, 13 1:38 pm

@Tanuja Manohar


Congratulations! I know how nervous you were about it!

Mar 14, 13 2:16 pm

Got into Upenn with 10k!

I got AP which is weird because I have a BA in Architecture (4 years) and the prerequisite for the post-professional degree at PennDesign is a five year professional degree...

Also, I was planning to go to Yale, but that's 3 years and this one is only one year. I definitely prefer Yale but it's two extra years... Don't know what to do.


Me too. Going to the open house? 

Mar 14, 13 2:18 pm
Jono Lee
In at UPenn (5k/year)... Not happening.
Mar 14, 13 2:44 pm

Wanted to get a  feel of what people know about the programs I have been accepted at and weather or not I should choose an American education ($$) over Canada where I am from. I have no arch background so this is all a little overwhelming to me, but so excited to have options.

accepted at the following schools:

-UBC (only 5K a year tuition for Canadians)

-Cornell (12K offered but still would be tons of debt 100K+)

-Penn (5K offered... too much debt but will see if I can get more funding)

-Wash U (no idea about funding just yet)

-Still waiting on University of Toronto and rejected GSD.

I I were to go to the US I am leaning towards Cornell but just wanted to get a feel for what people think of UBC or UoT and if I would have the same job opportunities after graduation.

Mar 14, 13 2:48 pm

@Tanuja or anyone

do you know the cost of the summer prep program at PENN.... I need to call and ask.

Mar 14, 13 2:50 pm
Jono Lee

Hey man, I'm pretty much in the exact same boat as you... I'm taking Arch history at SALA right now. We should talk this out if you're up for it
Mar 14, 13 2:55 pm


ya email me if you would like! Studied Art History and Geography at McGill. Where did you get in?

jacob.cohen2 at

Mar 14, 13 3:00 pm

@arquito - in for SMArchS HTC! Not sure about funding yet though.

Mar 14, 13 3:58 pm

For people who haven't heard from Berkeley - should we assume we were not accepted?

Mar 14, 13 4:02 pm
elm walk

same for columbia - should it be assumed rejected/waitlisted?

Mar 14, 13 4:20 pm

@elm walk

I'm still waiting on Columbia too.  I am starting to lose hope.  We should know by the end of the week.

Mar 14, 13 4:24 pm


I got in at UO MArch II and still waiting on UW Seattle.  UW Seattle was my first choice by far.  It is still early, because they said all decisions would be out by April 15th. 

Mar 14, 13 4:29 pm

Princeton letters are out.

Mar 14, 13 4:37 pm

Hey everyone, just created an Archinect profile - here are my final results!

M.Arch I:

Applied (listed in order of preference): MIT, Harvard GSD, YSOA, UMich, UPenn 

Accepted: MIT (full tuition), Harvard (25k grant + 10k scholarship), Yale (19k grant), UMich (5k grant + 30k scholarship), UPenn (15k)

I'll most likely attend MIT, but waiting until after the MIT/Harvard open houses to finalize my decision - astounded at all of these acceptances, I had no idea what to expect without an arch background!

Info (for those who want the stats: it's my conviction that you should spend more time contemplating architecture than how to get into a specific school. The right schools will pick you up, generally):

Age: 22            Major: B.A. Mathematics at Columbia University        

GPA: 3.6          GRE: 162 Q / 167 V / 3.5 W           

Recs: 1 Arch studio prof / 1 science research mentor / 1 humanities prof  / 1 science prof

Mar 14, 13 4:43 pm

So here is my update:

IN: Harvard GSD

WAITLISTED: MIT (just got the email-- how difficult is it to get off the MIT wait list?)

OUT: Yale, Princeton (also just got the email-- I have such an unrequited love for Princeton)

PENDING (but realistically - or =): Columbia GSAPP

We are almost there. As painful and intense as this wait had been, I think I will miss my recently acquired habit of manically refreshing my email (especially at work) once this is all over and done.

Mar 14, 13 4:43 pm

Hi guys! My name is Regina and this is my first post on Archinect, but I wanted to put my info out there for future applicants, as i have found the information that others have provided on these types of threads very helpful.


For M.Arch I, graduating with a B.S. in Architecture this spring:

IN: Rice (AP + full tuition), UCLA (AP + full tuition), MIT (full tuition), Princeton (full tuition), GSD (+ $15,000 grants + $11,000 loans) , Yale (no financial package yet)


As of now, my top choices are Princeton and GSD, but I won't be able to visit the schools as I'm studying abroad right now. Does anyone have any useful information/advice/opinions on the two schools?

Mar 14, 13 4:46 pm


Im waiting on UW Seattle as welll, I called them today , they stated all decisions would come out within 2 weeks

Mar 14, 13 4:57 pm

@Cizz and @Supertenacious, already in Oregon and checking my mailbox for that letter. You guys are not here yet, right? @Supertenacious, the change of pace is noticeable especially when you have gotten used to that NYC buzz. You adjust and find your middle ground. I was aiming for Portland right out of the gate.

Mar 14, 13 5:05 pm

hey Regina.. would you mind showing us your portfolio?.. that would be more helpful to future applicants so we know what type of portfolio got into which schools :)

Mar 14, 13 5:17 pm

Any one heard from Cooper M-Arch-II

Mar 14, 13 5:25 pm

There are like 3 Masters acceptances for GSAPP on gradcafe, I assume (and hope) there are more acceptances to come, as GSAPP is one of the larger schools student-number wise..

Mar 14, 13 5:39 pm

actually there are several more when you type "columbia" instead of "gsapp" but still theres hope

Mar 14, 13 5:40 pm


Same with me- 5k/year at UPENN...


I don't know the cost of the summer program. I'm actually scheduled to take a few pre-reqs over summer so I'm talking to them about how all that would work out. If you find out the cost, please post it!

Mar 14, 13 5:46 pm
Jono Lee

You're gonna go through with it?? I'm seriously wondering how all of you are going to take on this load of debt.
Mar 14, 13 7:02 pm


I don't know...I'm sure I'll get money from FAFSA and I'll apply to scholarships and stuff of course. I still have to get my pre-reqs cleared out, I'm more worried about that haha What are your other options?

Mar 14, 13 7:12 pm


I have no vacations days anymore.. plus the flight there would be expensive. so im not going to the open house :(  Do u live in the states?

Also, I think 3 yrs is a reasonable amount for anybody looking for a real, serious education rather than just a professional degree to get licensed.  Because you can barely learn anything in one yr... to me a one yr masters makes no sense if you plan on exploring an area of interest... 3 yrs is a good and necessary time to develop and mature as an architect (my friends under a 3 yr prog have learned soooo much)  Plus dont u get advanced standing? it will free up time to take up electives of ur interests.  They have soooooooo many interesting courses i wanna take!

Mar 14, 13 7:30 pm
Jono Lee

@ Tanuja

  I got mega coin from UCLA, but even after that I'm still finding myself in a position where I will have massive debt coming out of school, especially since I want to pursue their concurrent degree  (M.Arch/M.URP) as well. I'm an international student btw. And yeah, I'm also working on my pre-reqs now. UPenn also said I would have to complete their Summer prep course, which takes place in June. That's not feasible considering I would have to take those months off to complete my pre-reqs... Everything is pointing to a no if I even think about pursuing

Mar 14, 13 7:40 pm

IN: Penn (MS Architecture) + YSOA (M.E.D.)


Mar 14, 13 7:41 pm


the question of whether its worth it is largely dependent on ur goals and what u want to get out of ur education... 

If you want to become a practicing architect in the traditional sense of working in a firm in toronto... or anywhere in canada... then the training u would get out of UofT or UBC is more than adequate because most of the real world learning is done once u start working anyway. 100k+ in debt in our field will SERIOUSLY set you back... for like 10 yrs, make sure its for a damn good reason and you have specific goals... and not just for a fancy name in ur diploma. In the workplace that will only help you get hired into a firm  (which you can do just as well with a Ryerson degree), but afterwards ull be doing the same exact thing as anyone else in the firm who has no debt- it will not catapult you into a privileged position... I guess an ivy education is only worth it if you want something more than just to practice, if you hope to advance the architectural discipline as a whole or explore new frontiers in fabrication/collaboration...

Mar 14, 13 8:03 pm

wait list in UPenn

go to other better schools guys, save me a spot please

Mar 14, 13 8:07 pm

woohoo just got acceptance from Princeton! anyone here know their typical class size?

Mar 14, 13 8:36 pm

@jawknow They said I can finish my pre reqs while taking the summer studio. If you really want to go I'm sure it can be done but it looks like you're not down for upenn.

Mar 14, 13 8:37 pm
Jono Lee


I'm down with UPenn... I mean, I did apply there for good reason. But the costs are too much for me to want to take on. I was confident in my portfolio going in, but I knew the one majour caveat to matriculation was the amount in scholarship they would offer. And in this case, it's just not feasible given the amount they gave me.

Mar 14, 13 8:43 pm

@jawknow oh i know, i meant like since they didnt offer much money its not realistic to go there. im trying to figure out the pre req situation which has me a little worried =\

Mar 14, 13 8:50 pm
Jono Lee

You know, I would give them a call and try to work somethig out..Because if you're required to complete the prepatory program with the pre-req courses simultaneously, that's a lot to take on...
Mar 14, 13 9:05 pm
Jono Lee

On a complete tangent from all of this, I'd just like to note that girls are completely wack. The more you ignore them, the more they want to talk to you...The more you begin talking to them, the more they ignore you. There simply is NO MIDDLE GROUND.

Mar 14, 13 9:10 pm


Yes I've been emailing them..I'm seeing if I can take it later or something. It's going to be a LOT to take on but I don't want to miss out on Upenn b/c of a pre-req. And girl problems? lol cute.

Mar 14, 13 9:28 pm

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