2013 M.Arch Applicants, Commiserate Here!


In: Yale, MIT, WUSTL, Rice, UMich

Out: GSD, Princeton

Wait list: Cornell

still cannot decide between Yale (19k) and MIT (32k).

Anyone any advice?

Mar 17, 13 8:46 am

RE: Pratt, I received an acceptance email from them on Thursday, so some of them have started to go out. Unfortunately, I'm no longer interested in attending.


Just waiting on Parsons... getting kinda anxious, actually.

Mar 17, 13 12:53 pm

Wait, someone on Grad Cafe got accepted to UBC via email?  Scratch that last post then... 

Mar 17, 13 3:52 pm

Just received an email from the AA, they want your decision and deposit by May 31st.

Mar 18, 13 9:15 am
Dima Srouji

Anyone need to clear out calc pre reqs during the summer? Any ideas?

Mar 18, 13 10:13 am


I do, except I don't know why Parsons would advise me to take it before my second year? I thought calc and physics prereqs need to be completed before 1st year.


In: RISD, Parsons, NJIT, CCNY

waiting on Pratt

Mar 18, 13 10:41 am


Im pretty sure Physics and Calc help out with structures courses and perhaps Parsons has structures courses after the first year.  I would check there curiculum 

Mar 18, 13 11:05 am


did your sisters go to UBC or UoT which one are you referring to as hard simply for the sake of being hard?

Mar 18, 13 11:36 am



Did you hear back from Pratt!? Have you decided?


I'm between Pratt and Wash U... You can't beat Brooklyn, baby!

Mar 18, 13 6:04 pm


No I haven't! =[[ I'm waiting on Pratt and Parsons still. THIS SUCKS.

Mar 18, 13 6:15 pm


U of T as being hard just to be hard (not specifically architecture, but generally)
My one sister was regularly frustrated by U of T and the prevailing attitudes among the faculty there (and she had been valedictorian in highschool.)

Mar 18, 13 6:46 pm

@ joygraphica: Thanks good to know.



Has anyone heard back form U of T (Toronto)?

Mar 18, 13 6:50 pm

@jacobcohen: Could be just her faculty, so take it with a grain of salt (her faculty was Business) 


Just checked my mail and didn't get into UBC. Maybe it's denial, but I guess I'm kind of relieved... UO is probably a better fit  (though definitely not cheaper!) 

Mar 18, 13 8:39 pm

@AC23 how did you receive your Parsons acceptance? Was it via mail?  I'm starting to get nervous...

Mar 18, 13 9:44 pm

Hello all,
After stalking the graduate school boards since October, I'm finally contributing.  I hope this can be useful information for future applicants.

A little background about me...I'm 31, recently married, and have a 5yr B.Arch from Ball State.  After being laid off in 2010 from a small architecture firm in Indianapolis, I moved to Washington DC where I started a residential remodeling company.  That has morphed into a design studio that I've been leading full-time since Summer 2011. 

For me, I wasn't going to woo anyone with my transcript or test scores.  Instead, I needed to communicate a compelling and consistent story about me, my work and where I want to go with my career.  If you're interested, you can download my portfolio to learn more about my work and back-story.

- 31, Male
- Ball State 5yr B.Arch '05
- GPA 3.0
- GRE 154/157
- Letters of Rec: Professor-Architect / Professor / Starchitect
- Portfolio here

I applied to five post-professional degree programs.  Pre-req for me is they had to be 1 or 1.5 year programs so that eliminated many schools that I would have loved to attend (Cranbrook + Yale in particular).  Ann Arbor would have been a top choice but it would have been challenging for my wife to find work there.

IN - UPenn Post-Professional +10k / Rice - Option 3 / Virginia - Path 1
OUT - GSD MArch II / Princeton MArch II

I will be attending the Penn, Rice and UVA open houses over the coming weeks to help me decide.  Right now I'm leaning towards Penn and UVA for a variety of reasons.  I'll expand on those after I do the open houses and make a decision.

Mar 18, 13 10:18 pm

Has anybody heard from Cal Poly Pomona??

Mar 18, 13 10:34 pm


it may be asking much, but curious to know who the starchitect was... lol

Mar 18, 13 10:45 pm
Abhinav Sunil

@ joygraphica

What is written on the mail from UBC ? I am still waiting :( :(

Mar 18, 13 11:15 pm


23yrs old, BA English lit & Economics @ UNC-Chapel Hill


IN: RISD, Parsons, UVA, PennDesign, NC State

OUT: MIT, Princeton

Penn with $5k, Parsons with "Provost Scholarship" of 20k (!!), UVA no scholarship, NC State is cheap cheap cheap

I want to get out of North Carolina so it looks like I'm deciding between Parsons, UVA and PennDesign. Attending open houses for UVA and Penn...

What do you guys think? Is the Ivy League degree worth it?

Mar 18, 13 11:41 pm

Well just repeating what I posted on the Decisions thread...

26 / M / Ecuador
B.A. in Architecture - University of New Mexico
GPA - 3.8
GRE: 155 / 159 / 4.0
TOEFL: 111
3 Years work experience (USA and South America)
3/4 Letters of Rec: 2 Professors (Arch) and 2 Employers



-uPenn +AP
-GSAPP (3 Years)
-U.B.C. +AP
-I.I.T. +AP
-U of Oregon (Portland) (2 Years)
-U of Washington (Seattle) +AP



I will probably go to uPenn. I am very attracted to its Environmental/Digital focus plus all the opportunities to travel that the school offers. Although, Vancouver and the other west coast cities just seem like great places to live in... hmmm Luckily the government of Ecuador will pay for 100% of my education and expenses without me having to pay it back, I just have to come back to the country and work for a couple years wherever I want. I don't complain :) 

Mar 19, 13 12:57 am


Is ivy worth it? I'm debating the same thing... I got 5k at Penn and I have to do the summer program as well. So expensive...

Congrats on Parsons though!! 20k and living in NY? Go for Parsons!!

Mar 19, 13 1:35 am


B.Eng - University of Hong Kong

GPA - 2.8

Recs - Employer/Architecture Professor/Engineering Professor

GRE 159/165/3.5


March I

In: GSAPP, Parsons, Pratt, UCLA, UIC

Out: GSD

Waiting: Berkeley

In general, I was really surprised by the results since my GPA doesn't qualify for most schools' minimal requirement. But pleased to find out about Columbia. Going to New York this summer!!!!!! I picked schools based on their location and potential professors who have similar interest.

Good luck, everyone if you are waiting for U of T and CCA's result

Mar 19, 13 7:41 am
Abhinav Sunil

Nothing from UBC ( haven't heard from them yet) , UofT and McGill.

What a pity ! :(

Mar 19, 13 7:58 am
Dima Srouji

@AC23 that's actually pretty lucky you don't have to take it in one summer! I can't imagine having to take calculus and pass the exam before august. I would recommend you start taking it this summer and continue it next summer so that you have enough time to learn it or re-learn it all. I haven't done calculus since highschool! My undergraduate doesn't require me to take it so it wasn't on my undergraduate transcript. 

Mar 19, 13 9:57 am

In at University of Cincinnati! Has anybody else on this thread applied there? Would love to hear thoughts on the co-op program they have! :)

Mar 19, 13 10:39 am

Another non-architectural background applicant here. Thus, 

In: IIT, UOregon, UKansas 

Out: Berkeley, UWashington 

Mar 19, 13 12:08 pm

COOPER UNION MArch II results are out via email.

I received mine at 3:15pm. I have also posted on The Grad Cafe.

I'm in. with lots and lots of $$$$

Now this become tough... GSD MDesS with $$ or Cooper Union MArch II with $$$$.

Mar 19, 13 3:32 pm

@ mtt9999


congratulations! it is so exciting! !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

do you know when they gonna release results about undergrats?

I'm applying for transfer...

Mar 19, 13 4:28 pm

Thanks! I have no idea... Just received an email. I have to give them my decision by April 8. 3 days after GSD open house - so I imagine undergrad should be soon.

Am I crazy for considering giving up almost a full ride at Cooper Union for GSD?? The cost would be $40,000 (with living expenses) vs. $90,000 (with living expenses) at Harvard. Cooper Union is one of the hardest to get into in the country - 900 applicants with 30 acceptances (3%) . I need to restart e.m.g. thread...

Mar 19, 13 4:34 pm


if I were you, definitely the Cooper... oh my dream....

congrats again!!!

Mar 19, 13 4:54 pm



congrats, man! you deserve this!!! That is a tough decision!!! good luck! i'm sure whatever you choose will be great!

Mar 19, 13 5:10 pm

@architintin  The letter was a pretty standard rejection (the cruel kind, where they dont say in the first paragraph that you're rejected) thin letter. I live close to Vancouver though, so maybe your letter just didn't come yet, don't stress yet. 

@juventus7 loved Ecuador when I went there 10 years ago (went with a class studying Biology.) 


Since other ppl seem to be doing it:  

 B.A. in Psychology (+ extra courses in ecological restoration + writing) University of Victoria -- wish they had an arch school
 10+ years experience in Web / Graphic Design + tech startup exp.   + construction exp
 GPA: 3.78

GRE: 163 V  157Q  &  5.0  

IN: UO (3 yr)  
Out: UBC

Waiting: UW(Seattle) & UHM (thought their Eastern focus might be interesting, though their reputation doesn't seem to be stellar...)

So far 3 of my 4 applications have been plagued with shenanigans (UW's system didn't get my one recommendation until last week! Does that mean I'm out??   For UH my recommendation got lost in the mail and they didn't tell me! UO - one transcript got lost in the mail! WTF is with the postal service?  Luckily UO didn't hold it against me!) 

Just realized I can't go to the UO Open house because my Physics Exam is the next day. :(

Mar 20, 13 12:03 am

I guess I should throw up my stats too.



B.S Arch from UW-Milwaukee (not great) I did study a semester in Copenhagen. 

No real experience, I did some freelance interior design work for a bar.

G.P.A: 3.2

Three LOR: 1 working architect, 1 arch professor/GSD grad, 1 history professor

G.R.E: V:157 Q:154 & 3.5


OUT: UT-Austin Urban Design

IN: UO and UW-Seattle both for M.Arch II. I haven't received any word on $$. 

Some work:

I haven't really decided between UW and UO. I know some people in the UO program and they all love it, but my gut is telling me UW even though I really don't have any inside info on it. I don't think my work is that great and I was pretty surprised to get into both arch programs I applied for although neither are Ivy level. 

Mar 20, 13 11:10 am


I heard via postal mail, is it your first choice? Just wondering why you're not interested in Pratt anymore?

Ahhhh my undergrad also. I'm glad I can space out the classes.

Anyone heading to parsons?

Mar 20, 13 12:24 pm

Rejected from Parsons :( anyone still waiting on Pratt??

Mar 20, 13 12:47 pm


I am still. They couldn't find my rec letters so I had to get them to email admissions directly -_-

Mar 20, 13 12:51 pm

Hi, I am accepted for the


1.) Master of Urban Design course at Carnegie Mellon University

2.) Master of Science in Architecture & Urban Design at Pratt Institute 


3.) Master of Science in Design & Urban Ecologies at Parsons New school of Design

Can anyone enlighten me which college is better for the course and overall experience ? It would really help me decide ....

Mar 20, 13 12:56 pm

In at Cooper- M-ARCH-II..!!!

Mar 20, 13 1:27 pm


Congratulations!!!! Perhaps I will see you there!?!!? Where else have you applied / been accepted to?

Mar 20, 13 1:36 pm


How about MArch in Upenn and UVA? I am from China, i do not know them too much except rankings.  Please give me some ideas!

Mar 20, 13 1:58 pm

@Ace23 Ah so there is some hope left. How weird about your rec letters. They couldn't find my friends portfolio so she had to mail it again.

Mar 20, 13 2:23 pm

lol @ uwash

Mar 20, 13 3:22 pm


lol uwash?  elaborate

Mar 21, 13 10:20 am


welcome to Cooper!!!

Mar 21, 13 11:09 am



Thanks so much,.... Cooper was the only School I applied to, thought about Columbia but felt Cooper would be a better fit for my research.


Congrats to you too!!!, have you made a decision yet?

Mar 21, 13 12:18 pm

@ msciarri1

No I have not. So many different factors here. I was mainly looking for a research based thesis degree, rather than a design-studio oriented thesis degree. However, it will end up being an additional $40,000 at Harvard. I don't think I will be able to make a decision until I visit GSD open house.

What type of research are you proposing? I am proposing to research cosmological archetypes.

Mar 21, 13 1:09 pm



Wow! That sounds intense...

My research seeks to use drawing as a phenomenological process in order to fuse together emotional inner vision images, and hand drawing, into the virtual world.

I here you on the cost, ....still paying off my first master's...

Mar 21, 13 3:03 pm



Thank you!!!

Mar 21, 13 3:26 pm

25 / male
B.S. Economics @ University of Washington '09

GSD Career Discovery 2012

In: UMich, UPenn, Berkeley


Portfolio link here

Anyone have any thoughts about the programs I got into, how well they suit someone with a non background? It is going to be a tough decision...

Mar 21, 13 4:14 pm
I'll be applying for 2014, but obviously you all have just left where I'll be -- congrats!! -- but what are everyone's thoughts on TUDelft and Glasgow?

I live in LA and will apply to UCLA, for sure. I'm coming from a BS in International Business, so already handicapped, but have been taking classes for the last six months thru UCLA Extension's Interior Arch program to get my feet wet. Any tips (or prayers)? I have an artistic background and will have work for my portfolio in regards to drawings, paintings, etc. but how much emphasis do you reckon will be on technical knowledge? TIA.
Mar 21, 13 4:40 pm

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