Tips/What to expect from an interview for graduate schools?


I have an "optional" interview with the Director of the Masters of Architecture program at one of the schools I am applying to and I have no idea what to expect.  

Any pointers or stories from one's own experience with Masters of Architecture program entrance interviews would be much appreciated.

Feb 6, 13 5:33 pm

Really, really interesting question.  Why do you have an interview?  Did you ask for it?  Is it a possible "tie-breaker" in a competitive admissions scenario? I went to one, actually because I wanted to look around and meet students and staff, at one of the more artsy-fartsy (sorry) schools I applied to.  I wore a crew neck sweater with a button down underneath it, newer jeans, and dark brown saddle shoes.  I also asked the WRONG question.  I asked "How well is your program balanced between design/theory and technology?"  He answered my question.  I'm sure he wanted to hear nothing besides questions on design.  However, he kept looking me up and down ... and at my shoes. I'm thinking to myself: "No, ass hole, I wasn't in a fraternity and  I don't play golf." I did not get admitted to that school.

Two-tone brown suede version of these:

I guess it was a good thing, really.  They know what is, and isn't, a good marriage.  You can handle this one of two ways: a) you can be yourself and ask the questions YOU want to ask, or b) you can zero in on their philosophy, and ask the questions they want to hear.  I recommend being yourself.

Feb 7, 13 2:08 am

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