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Hi Everyone

I'll be starting my job search again this spring...I was wondering if people could give me a salary range or at least a place/site that is reliable where I could check salary.

I'll be looking in Boston, have 5.5 years of work experience, both Bachelor and Master's degree in architecture from two ivy league schools....


Thanks so much!!!

Feb 6, 13 2:50 pm

$55-75 K

Feb 21, 13 6:36 pm

65k USD

Feb 21, 13 7:43 pm

35k in this economy..  I remember doing an internship a year ago as an undergrad student.  My co-worker (with a masters degree and 5 years of work experience) asked me how much I was getting paid... told him $20/hr.. he was still at $18.50, not too much from since he started working.  he was not too happy.  Not surprisingly, his attitude totally changed anytime I tried asking him a question or help as an intern.  I found out he switched firms too haha

lesson: never ever tell your co-workers, even close friends, what you're really getting paid.  $17 is my fixed rate from now whether they believe it or not.  :)  don't care if they find out the real pay.. it isn't or was none of the business anyway.

Feb 21, 13 8:06 pm

Divide and conquer. Not sharing salary info allows employers to abuse and manipulate staff. If everyone knew what everyone else was getting paid, the playing field would be leveled very quickly, and you wouldn't have interns getting paid more than long-term staffers.

Feb 21, 13 9:09 pm

what miles jaffe said. so you have 5.5 years of what kind of experience? thats a big factor. i have more years than you and I get about the same wage I was making out of college. its tough out here. I know people with almost 20 years of experience, who have not experiences what i have in my less than 10 years. I mean within an arch office or construction site.

Feb 22, 13 8:31 am

what miles jaffe said again.

access, it's best to let that guy know his firm is screwing him over.  it might cause problems in the daily operation of your company, but that's because your company was being run by a schmuck that isn't worth a Tuppenny-fuck (© 2013 med.) who deserves to fail.  he can make a more informed decision about the direction his life is going if given accurate information like that.  hiding the truth is typically not the best answer.

attitude totally changed anytime I tried asking him a question or help

^--- that's wrong, and may show a character flaw in your coworker.  his problem was with his employer, not you, and he shouldn't take it out on you.  our profession, our community, and the world in general is only going to get better if we work together. 

Feb 22, 13 9:04 am

1. 5 years of experience? doing what? is it progressive experience - some design and a license? 

2. or is it 5 years at the 2 year level of production? - I suspect most are in category 2

Feb 22, 13 1:09 pm

Thanks everyone...The salary thing is confusing.  Everyone I know is making something different.

I have 5 years working on skyscrapers in asia.  Done with the whole NCARB thing and in the middle of tests.

Feb 26, 13 9:11 pm

Oh by the way...I'm not interested in working for some superstar architect.  I'm over that phase...looking to have a real life now. :)

Feb 26, 13 9:12 pm

If u can talk ur way through the interview and get ur foot in the door then it's $65k for 5.5 years experience. What they see from your work and productivity during your probabtion period will determine if they will be keeping you, giving you a pay cut or fired you. Just don't expect to get a pay rise after the probabtion period because no matter how much they promise you they will always have an excuse not to give you one. Hence economy etc. Good luck

Feb 27, 13 3:26 pm

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