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I'm tired of it.
Feb 6, 13 2:11 pm

LOL! You got me.  nice one.

Feb 6, 13 2:49 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Now this is confusing....

Feb 6, 13 2:52 pm

About time someone started a new one of these. 48 thousand entries under one heading? With no conversation threading? GET A ROPE.

Feb 6, 13 4:34 pm

'sup, TC?!?

Feb 6, 13 4:44 pm

What?  A sequel already?

How about "Thread Central: The Slog Continues"

Feb 6, 13 5:29 pm

well - let's see - the front page of the forums is either interns with problems, students (or potential students) with problems, or thread central.  Only logical that thread central splits into multiple thread centrals.


here's a thought - why don't other people anonymously create interesting/controversial original content on the forums?  thread central is boring because it's supposed to be about all the other threads - and when there are no other threads saying anything new or crazy, there's nothing left to talk about except stevie nicks and nascar.

Feb 6, 13 5:30 pm

Thread Peripheral?

Feb 6, 13 5:31 pm
This thread is to discuss the thread called Thread Central which discusses other threads and to make fun of the thread that makes fun of the discussion in other threads.
Feb 6, 13 6:45 pm

Well, I would rather Talk About the Weather....cause were going to get Blasted if it goes according to Plan....Getting the Generator out tomorrow just in case.  New England is cold in February when the power goes out.

Feb 6, 13 6:59 pm

omg TC what's up with these spammers of AwesomeArchitecture's awesome architecture blog?


Feb 6, 13 7:19 pm

ban Draphics plz k thks

Feb 6, 13 7:24 pm

wow that was quick

yay mods!

Feb 6, 13 7:39 pm

SUP, FRaC I have often wondered if anyone else thought "what's up with these spammers of AwesomeArchitecture's awesome architecture blog?" its usually a lot of eye-candy, no?

also this is a bit unnerving... and @toast i love the idea of thread central splitting into multiple thread centrals. I would personally like to see more abracadabra, faia!

Feb 6, 13 9:40 pm

also i would like the Big Giant Green Head to weigh in on how this was possible? I would think couldn't have same thread name...

Feb 6, 13 9:41 pm

SUP, FRaC I have often wondered if anyone else thought "what's up with these spammers of AwesomeArchitecture's awesome architecture blog?" its usually a lot of eye-candy, no?


someone (brand spankin' fresh username Draphics) was spamming AwesomeArchitecture's blog.  yes AwesomeArchitecture is a psuedo-spammer in that they seem to exist only to drive traffic to their AwesomeArchitecture site but Draphics took it one step too far.


Feb 6, 13 9:53 pm


Feb 6, 13 11:04 pm
vado retro

TC hasn't been about other threads since 2007. It is about children and cats and recipes, as it should be.

Feb 7, 13 8:28 am
Feb 7, 13 7:08 pm
Dapper Napper

I like children, cats, and recipes.

Feb 8, 13 12:01 pm
boy in a well



whats shakin?

Shklovsky got written up in the nation.

thurston moore has a new band.

there's no queer glass ceiling in soccer.

but soccer's gay anyway.

Feb 28, 13 12:11 am

Still spot reading (indexed passages, whole chapters) The Autopoiesis of Architecture, both volumes, and beginning to wonder whether these books will prove to be highly influential in subtle ways that don't even relate specifically to parametrics. The books cover a large range of topics, all delivered in condensed form, and it is this condensification that I think manifests the high potential for longevity of influence.


Bilocation can be fun. Inspiring, even.


Durand Revisted Parametrically--sometime in the 21st century?

Feb 28, 13 11:49 am

i thought shumacker lost relevance since his fanbois all sound like nut jobs.  i would be curious if his work starts to address things faced by people who live in the real world, or if it's still just there so people can say they read it and maybe drop quotes so they sound smart even though they often can't put together more than 30 seconds of consecutive thought.  just to keep clear, i say that having not read the books, so it's based on assumption and my opinion is flexible.  it's just a guess, not a fact or anything.

i transcend space, so biolocation isn't really relevant to me personally, but i can see how it would be interesting to someone more temporal.  then again, 'be here now' and you won't have to worry about being somewhere else at the same time.

Feb 28, 13 12:04 pm

curtkram, it's interesting how what you wrote above is a progression of one contradiction after another.

Feb 28, 13 12:30 pm

i'm complicated


Feb 28, 13 1:18 pm

Don't see much evidence of complication, rather ongoing contradictions leading to inconsequentiality.

Contradictions with consequences might be fun. Inspiring, even.


Feb 28, 13 2:06 pm

i'm looking for a good coffee table book on shingle style houses -- any suggestions?

May 2, 16 5:34 pm
Non Sequitur

wait... what?

this is not TC.

May 2, 16 5:36 pm

where am i? search failed me...

May 3, 16 1:10 pm

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