Financial Aid for Grad School?


So... I got no clue how to handle this shit, so a lil help will be greatly appreciated.

A few questions:

1. How do I fill out my Fafsa? Do I put in my current salary even though I'm gonna quit if I get accepted?


2. Should I start applying for TA positions and scholarships even before I get accepted? Can I even do that?

Feb 4, 13 1:05 am

you can fill out your fafsa online. if you navigated through grad apps you can easily do a google search and figure out this one.

yes, put your current salary based on 2012 W2.

TA positions, no. though you can check the federal work-study box on your fafsa if you want to be considered for those positions.

you should not apply for scholarships until you are accepted. EXCEPT general/univeseral scholarships that organizations (and not the specific schools) might offer.

Feb 4, 13 9:47 am

Your best bet is the financial aid office at the school you applied to, FAFSA is going to ask for info from your 2012 return or 2011 if you haven't filed yet.


I had my 2012 return handy and used it to file FAFSA, which you should do before you get a decision either way because the offer for loans, grants, etc. will come with the admission decision - That was the case for UPenn, Pratt, and Columbia at least where I've applied - they all asked to fill out FAFSA application online so that you can get a better idea of where you stand financially when they send you a decision.

Feb 4, 13 9:49 am

Just finished my fafsa. Thanks for the help guys

Feb 4, 13 10:14 pm

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