U of Washington MS Design Computing vs Stevens MEng Product Architecture


Looking seriously into getting an advanced degree in design computing.  Getting very interested in specializing within the world of large scale international design firms in computational design, data vizualization, interface designs, fabrication, simulation and analysis etc and looking into programs that will give me training into scripting for architecture, learning how to code for web based content, fabrication logic etc.  Already have a BARCH and MARCH so not looking for anything with design studios.  Looking to be in an out and back in the workforce in a max of 2 years.

So far I have responded best to U of Washingtons MS Design Computing degree and Stevens Institutes PAE degree.  Intrigued by Georgia Tech but fear it might be a bit fabrication heavy and not Big Data savvy enough.  Some others are MIT and Carnegie Melon, but I feel like those might be overkill.

Anyone have any insights into these programs or know of others that might fall into this category?


Jan 29, 13 11:36 pm
Well, which is it? Do you want to do commuters or make things? I mean if you don't know the difference between web and fabrication, between buildings and interfaces then lord knows no one here can help you.
Jan 30, 13 10:36 pm

Try reading the question a second time, dick.  

I'm here to hear from people who are interested in being helpful and who have insights into programs that deal in the broad topic of design computing.  Your ignorance on the subject is glaring.  If you think the contemporary paradigm is as black and white as you suggest, then I offer the same caution to you.

Don't waste other people's time.


Feb 8, 13 3:45 pm

gruen is lost and is going to die poor, Iterati.

I went to U of Wash 2004 - 2006 . I was very interested in Design Computing. It was an excellent course till the founders of Sketchup were there. These people left and the fun in the course left. The person who heads that division was not very helpful. The couple of people that I followed in Design Computing ended up with jobs managing IT for architecture firms.

I took 2 classes in Design computing as electivesin the 1st year. I learnt how to use the 3D digital model maker and I took a class in web design in design computing. Never used the skill to make 3D models and the course convinced me that the class was not going to do me any good. Also learned 3D visualization in Microstation. Sad end to my desires. Life would have been different if things went right. And oh with those skills, large architecture firms dont value you anyways. They want cheap labor and dont offer opportunities in the name of staffing 

I am myself seriously considering doing UI Design with Carnegie Mellon. Hope that helps.

Feb 8, 13 5:59 pm

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