Handling the closing of a cover letter


Sorry for all these questions regarding internship applications.

When closing my cover letter, I've been told it's best to state you will contact the firm to discuss scheduling an interview (how long do you wait to call after mailing the application?)  From you experienced ones, does this seem to be the best approach?  Should I state the specific date I will call or some more general like "I will be in contact with you to setup a future meeting."

I appreciate any help! 

Jan 26, 13 7:53 pm

Overall, for a letter like this, it doesn't really matter how you close. 

My strong hunch is that most people are done reading before they get to the perfunctory closing lines.  Of course, you need to close, and should still write it well, but no one is going to hold you to what you write, if they even read or remember it.

Jan 27, 13 3:06 pm

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