It seems to me that Microsoft is being a little more aggressive in pushing people towards Windows 8.  If anyone really loves this, I'd like to hear why.  the best i've seem from reviews i've read is "you'll get used it."  I've never even touched it myself, but don't feel the pressing need to switch.  autocad isn't going to work on a touch screen because my fingers are too fat. the same goes with trying to edit at a pixel level in photoshop.  graphics cards suck on touch screen monitors, too.

i know a few of you are switching to mac, but i don't want to go that route either.  has anyone tried linux?  there is a drafting program that a few people have mentioned that works with mac and cost less, which also works with linux so that should be doable.  i forget the name (maybe it was draftsight?), but if you're one of these people have you had any issues with compatibility when working with others?  i think when the world changes to the point where i have to upgrade again, i'd like to seriously consider moving to linux.

Jan 25, 13 5:30 pm

I now have a windows 8 machine w/Revit - it works I have no problems with it - why?

Most offices use Windows and will upgrade to windows 8 as soon as Revit 2014 comes out - I use 2013 and it works in Windows 8 even though it is not supported - 2014 will be.

I would love to use a Mac - but architecture offices don't use them - besides - Win 8 is a lot better than 7 and if you hate 8 just use the desktop and you won't notice anything.

Linux - would love to go back to that

Jan 25, 13 6:40 pm

Xenakis, how is Windows 8 better than 7? I thought that 8 was windows 7 skinned with the new tile interface (which you point, can be hidden)

Jan 25, 13 11:14 pm

I use my Mac  (OS Lion) for AutoCad 2013 and Windows XP for Revit 2013 and sometimes for AutoCad. I don't use Windows anymore, so I prefer to use a "basic" OS for that. However, will Revit 2014 and AutoCad 2014 will be supported for Windows XP as well?

Jan 29, 13 4:53 pm

On April 8, 2014, all support for Windows XP, including security updates and hotfixes, will be terminated.

Jan 29, 13 5:05 pm


Did I say it was better? I take it back - it's just win 7 with a exterior wall finish

Jan 29, 13 5:46 pm

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