Help me remember; architecture projects.


I don't have the best memory regarding recent projects and significant players in the design field. I am either unaware or forget the details of a relevant project frequently during conservations though I know what they look like.

I wonder if people have a solution, like using a website to keep track of things such as pinterest or tumblr. Something that acts as a reference which you can add projects you think are relevant and review them from time to time? Any thoughts?

Jan 23, 13 2:35 am

Umm, how about pinterest or tumblr?

Jan 23, 13 2:46 am

theres a web browser add on called gimmie bar , which allows you to drag and drop images within your browser window... i have some friends who use it as their image library... unfortunately i got too far along with downloading individual images to my hard drive to switch now.... lame...

Jan 23, 13 9:41 am

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