ETH Zurich MAS Urban Design ?


Does anyone know about the MAS Urban Design Program at ETH Zurich ? I have looked over the website, and as much of the student work as I can find online and received their info packet in the mail. The program  looks interesting as seems to be heavily into research and design in emerging countries... it seems like the research and labs  at the school are top + the instructors, And it is in English.

I am from the US and will have a M.arch and BS already and looking into a Urban Design Post Professional program.

and about 2-3 years of work experience but in non Urban Design Architecture firms.. Mostly Interior TI stuff...

It seems like an interesting program and it would be fun to live outside of the US for a year or so.

Financially  it seems much more of a better deal for the money than other programs i am thinking of such as...

I only want to do a 2-3 semester less than a year program...

Columbia MS. Arch and Urban Design

Cornell M.arch 2 (architecture and Urbanism)

RPI - M.arch 2 (Geo-Futures)


Maybe GSD M.arch 2 ... and do a concentration in Urbanism

Lastly I would like the option to teach part-time possibly in the future and would like a degree with a little behind it to help land a adjunct position if I desired...

It seems that the ETH program would be the best Buy and most interesting, I would like to know if anyone on here has any real insight..Such as they went there not the usual bashing....

Jan 21, 13 5:22 pm

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