Anyone use fountain pens?


I have a few Lamy Safari's and old Parker fountain pen. Was just curious who else has one and what kind? Do you use it for sketches? I have a problem that the ink I use does lay on top of my photocopies and it drives me nuts. Anyone else have that issue? 

Jan 17, 13 8:20 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

I'm a fountain pen guy.  I use them to sketch all the time - I love the way that FP ink lays down on sketch paper.  I have more fountain pens than I care to mention - it's a bit of a fascination for me.  I have a couple of Safaris, nice pen.


What is your problem with the photocopies?  Are you talking about color copies? 

Jan 18, 13 2:42 pm

I have a couple of really high-quality fountain pens, but whenever I try to use them for sketching, I wind up going back to my trusty Sign Pens or Lumocolors.

Fountain pen drawing on tracing paper is particularly problematic. I don't recommend it.

Jan 18, 13 3:14 pm

Yea I have a problem with colored photocopies. 

Why is fountain pen drawing on tracing paper problematic? I never had an issue, as long as you have a fast drying ink like Waterman's it doesn't smear, and dries quick. 

Jan 19, 13 11:38 am

Maybe I just don't have enough practice, but I found that my fountain pen didn't let me sketch/write quickly enough... the ink would skip if the nib moved too fast across the page.  I decided to go back to thin felt-tipped pens for sketching.  Sketches need to be fast.

It was a Lamy Safari... maybe better fountain pens don't have this problem.

Jan 19, 13 12:03 pm

Lamy Safari's are iffy on their nibs I find. I have 3 Safari's and all 3 write in their on way. You might have a troublesome nib. They are easy to switch out. sells the nibs individually. Give it another shot, but sounds like your tines might need to be adjusted. Shouldn't skip at all. 

Jan 19, 13 9:25 pm

Beats the crap out of disposable pens.

Jan 20, 13 6:10 pm

Yea, I love them, no pens in the landfill, and you choose the ink you love. I dunno I guess its a personal vice of mine... there are a lot worse things to have vices on I guess  

Jan 20, 13 8:51 pm

Funny story... I had a contractor destroy a nib of one of my Lamys. He was on the phone with a sub, and had to write down a phone number, first thing he saw on the table was my pen, he grabbed it, attempted to write with it, and was like why isn't this thing writing, and  then proceeded to add tons of pressure on the pen and destroying it. This all happened in a matter of seconds before I could say a thing. Learned my lesson there, always have a spare pen on hand lol.

Jan 20, 13 8:55 pm

There is indeed an art to writing with a fountain pen, just as there is an art to writing. Patience has a lot to do with it.

Jan 20, 13 10:42 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I have never used a fountain pen.  Could you guys post pictures of your writing/sketching?  It could be neat to see what is so amazing about them.

Jan 22, 13 5:40 pm

i like the papermate flair.  it's not technically a fountain pen, but has a nice clean consistent line weight until it starts dieing.  it tends to not scratch the surface it's writing on, and tends to be quite reliable even with a variety of pressures applied to the tip.  it doesn't generally bleed through the writing surface either.  it doesn't blot or smear (unless water is applied).  not great for the environment since it's disposable and non-refillable and it doesn't take water well, but still a very good pen when you need to mark stuff on a surface with a pen.

Jan 22, 13 8:22 pm

If you want to practice with a disposable fountain pen, the Itoya Blade is probably the best one.

Jan 23, 13 12:38 pm

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