How good is the AA?


I know this topic has been done to death; but I am interested in doing my undergraduate studies in AA for the conceptual emphasis in architecture. However, every opportunity that I have had to talk with classmates, seniors, tutors, interns and principal architects have led to mixed reviews. Some say its amazingly good, some say the difficulty is not in getting in but in getting out while some simply say money is everything. So what exactly is the right answer?

Would the diploma be equivalent to a bachelor's degree?

Is the program and education worth investing so much money in considering the job prospect in the future?

I would be glad if some of us here can share some stories and insights into these matters. I really am rather confused with the many different fluctuating opinions on AA. I am however still interested in applying for the program nonetheless.

Jan 16, 13 10:49 am

have you searched the forum and read the various threads? As you said there are many posts on the topic.. quite a few are actually from people who went there and have opinions based on their experiences and backgrounds..

There are so many different opinions because the experience will be different for everyone... it is an amazing place that will inspire and push you depending on the type of personality you have... it is expensive... especially for the diploma... which is enough to make some people resent their experience..

the impact on your job prospects afterwards will depend on what kind of work you want to do and where you want to do it...

Jan 16, 13 7:34 pm

lol ^

Jan 17, 13 8:24 am

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