Architecture-related jobs/programs with quantitative background



I finished an undergrad in a "hard science" field -- basically three quarters of my courses were in math or computer science. I've applied to some arch programs that take people without an architecture background, but are somewhat long (University of Manitoba and Dalhousie, for instance, have two-year "pre architecture" components). While I am quite passionate about pursuing architecture, I know from talking to people in the field, as well as reading posts on sites like this, that doing another four years of education for a field with dim job prospects might not be the best idea in the long term.

I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers or things to look into that are close to architecture but take advantage of the amount of math, etc that I've done. I'm not really interested in doing engineering, but is there something that is "between" arch and structural/civil eng? It's a bit confusing looking into this stuff because there seems to be so much ambiguity with the different job titles out there. Just trying to leave my options open -- as much as I'd like to go to arch school, I do have a mathy background that might be able to be put to use.

Jan 15, 13 4:30 pm

Just an idea, and only that.  How about a MSCM or MSBC, meaning construction management or building construction?  Such a program would offer NO training in design.  I don't know if you'd have to remove "deficiencies" beforehand because your background does not include a basic knowledge of construction.  Keep in mind that this would be the case with anything you choose in the allied professions, or lines of work, which bring about the construction of buildings.  MSCM and MSBC programs are found in several schools in the United States.  I do not know about their dispersion in Canada.  Again, just an idea.

Jan 17, 13 2:00 am

If you want to do architecture, you don't have to have an architecture background to apply to three-year M.Arch I programs - just a portfolio with some kind of artistic work that does't have to be directly architectural. I would suggest that you take a summer architecture program and then apply for an M.Arch. Look for ways to leverage your background in advanced building technology electives or to produce amazing parametric designs.

Jan 17, 13 8:53 am

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